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1 Who Run The World? | Fit Kat by Katrina Bowden

Who Run The World?


Happy International Women’s Day you bad ass, strong, powerful babes!

March 8th has always been a day devoted to the female, but this year it seems extra special.

Extra important to celebrate it and embrace your importance in society…as well as all it means to be a woman.

Women have come such a long way in history- fighting for equality and what is right….but we still have a way to go.  Our society is not perfect and road blocks still present themselves, but the great thing is that women are notoriously known for getting shit done and making a name for themselves.

What does it mean to be a femenist?

I went to an event last night hosted by Nike.  It was an all female event called “The Force is Female”- it included a big fun group workout, a fitness industry motivational speaker and a bunch of bad ass women all coming together to support one another and have a great time doing it.

It is really special to see such huge numbers of women coming together to celebrate one another- to lift one another up.  A lot of women spend too much time tearing other women down…we are all guilty of it.  There is  little catty side living in all of us.  When we judge another woman or are jealous of what someone else has.  BUT when you see how truly powerful and impactful it is when we all band together and lift each other up…it makes you realize that all the petty catty bullshit is exactly that: bullshit.

Also- when it comes to motivational speaking…I gotta admit…most of it makes me feel uncomfortable.  I’m not too sure why- I think it may just be the cynical New Yorker in me coming out with a giant eye roll…but last night really hit home and inspired me.  So much so that I am sharing the experience here!

Here is a bit more information about International Women’s Day and the “Day Without A Woman” movement going on today and how you can take part.

The “A Day Without A Woman” movement this year came from the organizers of the incredibly successful and inspiring January Women’s March.  They want to continue to shed light on the importance of women in our workplaces, our government, our country and the world.  I love this message…I just love it!

As for those marches…there are many more planned…click here for more information on that.


If you can’t go on strike today…and if you can’t go to a march, or marches just aren’t your jam…there are other ways you can take part in this movement.


Spread awareness on your social media accounts.  This may sound silly or not “big” enough….but it is.  The more awareness that is spread, the better.

Be politically active and call your representatives.  Want to stop our government from meddling with women’s health rights?  This is where to start.  Worried about how travel bans can affect female immigrants or YOU?  CALL your reps.  Be active.

Support female-owned brands.  Refinery29 had a great list…here it is.

Donate to pro-woman groups and organizations.  Planned Parenthood and ACLU are great places to start.  Here is a great list of many others that need our help.


Keep kicking ass you bad ass babes

XO Katrina

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