Meet Tiffany: Pretty Little Lifters


I like to surround myself with fellow bad ass babes.  They inspire me to be better and try harder every single day.  My gal-group is one made up of strong, inspiring, kind, determined ladies who I look up to and laugh with every day.

Having a solid group of girls to fall back on is super important to me (emotionally, mentally, and physically)… and I feel so blessed to have so many in my life- shoutout to my babes!! (You know who you are!)

I’m also a firm believer in fit-minded friends.  I love working out with friends- it brings me so much joy, it helps me unwind and I get social time mixed in with my sweat-time.  SCORE!   watch I love a multi-task.

One of these fit-friends is Tiffany Angulo, co-founder of The Pretty Little Lifters.  

Oh- and those are her abs.  

I thought you’d need a proper introduction since you’ll be seeing them a lot.

We met last year and hit it off immediately.  You know those people you just instantly click with and wonder where the F they’ve been you’re whole life??  Yep, she’s one of those for me!

She’s going to be contributing to the FitKat community with some killer fitness and food advice- the first contributor we have on board!! YAY!

Her blog, The Pretty Little Lifters, is all about empowering and motivating women to get fit and not be afraid of lifting weights.  I LOVE THIS!  So many women are afraid to “get bulky” but don’t understand the science behind how our bodies build muscle.  Tiffany lifts heavy weights.  I lift heavy weights.  And neither of us are bulky.  We also don’t look like pin-thin runway models about to pass out either.  We are strong, healthy and fit.  And anyone on a fitness/healthy lifestyle journey is looking to get fit and look strong and lean right??


Tiff and I will be sharing some workout videos with you and buying zithromax online yes yes yes… I will absolutely have her share some of her ab secrets.

She eats clean but I have seen her take down many burgers.  She lifts weights and is a total bad ass but also crushes a pilates reformer class.  She listens to gangster rap when she works out.  She always has the cutest workout gear.  OH and she is a school teacher- I mean could she get any cuter?!?

I wanted you to get to know her better, so I made her answer this Q&A (hehe):

go here -How would you describe Pretty Little Lifters?:

Pretty Little Lifters was created to show women that we can be strong and beautiful at the same time! I often hear women say I don’t want to lift heavy weights because I don’t want to get bulky or get muscles. Our bodies are capable of amazing things, and it’s so empowering to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone and feel strong! It translates to you personal life and mental toughness.

kaletra covid 19 dosing -What’s your absolute favorite exercise/movement?:

So hard to choose one…so here’s two! My favorite barbell movements are squats and cleans.

go site -Go to breakfast: 

Gluten-free toast with avocado, eggs, and a protein shake. Simple, easy to make, and delicious!

buy kaletra -Favorite cheat meal?:

The Chef’s Special burger from Plan Check with sweet potato waffle fries! Soooo good!

(I recently went here and can totally agree- I mean those fries were to die. TO DIE.)

ritonavir and lopinavir -Let’s talk about those abs of yours!! What’s you’re favorite core exercise?:

I love doing 5 min non-stop core sets! I usually will do 30 second to 1 minute of a movement (like planks, Russian twists, leg raises, v-ups) and go through rotating movements.

generic kaletra tablets -Favorite song that gets you pumped up for a workout:

Anything hip-hop! “Pop That” by French Montana…totally gets me excited to move!

kaletra comprar -Favorite workouts to do on vacation?:
Anything bodyweight  like burpees, pushups, squats, lunges…and I love to run! Running let’s me explore where I’m staying and take in some new sights.

lopinavir coronavirus buy online -Any foods you avoid at all costs?:

Fast food! if I tried to eat it now , it would make my stomach feel not so awesome. Also, super processed food is usually a no go!

Favorite beauty product:

A friend recently introduced me to Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter and I LOVE it! Since I’ve started using it, my skin has be so buttery soft!! Helps you have a nice glow for sure.

Have an amazing Friday and a beautiful weekend!!

OH- and if you have any questions for Tiffany- write me!  And check her out at Pretty Little Lifters.

XO Katrina


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