Loving All Up On Mondays


follow url When did Mondays start getting a bad reputation?  Since the beginning of their existence when the concept of a work week started??  Probably.

lopinavir buy I personally LOVE Mondays.  They are my favorite day of the week actually!  And before you start thinking I’m a total crazy person….let me explain why…

kaletra 100 mg First of all, I love what I do.  I love my career path.  It is certainly not perfect and I go through MANY ups and downs (more downs to be completely honest), but despite the lows and the disappointments- I love what I do and it excites me every single day.  To me, a new week is a week full of unknown opportunities.  A week full of potential exciting moments and fun adventures where I can meet new people and learn new things.

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kaletra side effects I have always felt this way regarding my acting career, but now I also feel it when it comes to blogging and interacting with all of you on a daily basis.  I find it to be SO exciting, engaging and fulfilling.  A Monday morning, to me, feels like the start of a week filled with amazing moments I am yet to have.

Since I don’t have a “normal” 9-5 job, I never experience that insane excitement about the weekend.  I love the weekends, but through them I sort of can’t wait to get back to doing what I do every day.  I can’t wait for Monday to start and get back on my daily grind.

lopinavir dosing But what about those mornings we all have where it just seems impossible to be positive and get out of bed and get through a day?  We are all no stranger to those….

There are certainly some Mondays where I wake up and just don’t feel it so much, and just getting out of bed is struggle city, but that’s when I really try to focus my energy on the exciting things I have to come.  I focus on the positives and the opportunities waiting for me.   http://avalrentacar.es/?kaletra=lopinavir-pills This can be difficult at times, I know…but I always think that the greatest things happen in life when you least expect them to…or when you really need them to.  

So, instead of having “a case of the Monday blues” change your perspective to a positive one- one that is excited about what’s to come.   generic kaletra buy uk And if that still doesn’t work- maybe it’s time to reevaluate your job, your personal relationships etc…is something making you unhappy?  Is someone making you unhappy?  

Life is too short to hang on to negativity and to keep people in your life who don’t make you happy.  It can be scary to identify these things that are making your Mondays unbearable, but once you do, you are on a path towards more personal happiness.  Cutting ties with what makes you unhappy is even harder to do than identifying those things, but it needs to be done for the sake of your emotional, physical and mental well being.

I’m not saying go quit your job, get new friends and start everything over this instant- haha- I just think it’s super important to identify what makes you happy and realize what is holding you back.  This isn’t selfish. It is necessary.  This is your life, and you need to live it on your terms.

Wouldn’t it be great to love a Monday morning every time it rolled around?  I think so…I’m a work in progress still for sure, but I am actively working to create my happiest most balanced life every single day.

One happy Monday morning at a time.


XO Katrina

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