Valentines Day Gifts Done Right

by What do you guys think about Valentine’s Day?

I feel like people are sort of mixed on it…some LOVE it…can’t wait for it etc….while others find it to be over the top, lame, or just a plain old waste of time.

I personally don’t mind it…BUT on the flip side, I think it is important to show the special someone in your life that you love them every single day…not just on one day of the year.  Make your signif other feel special every day…don’t save it for a “holiday”.

But that being said, there’s something fun and romantic about putting a little bit more effort in every now and then.

This year I love the idea of a gift that serves you as a couple.  Something that is meaningful, helpful or will serve the life you live together.

So this list has a lot of gifts that I call “couple gifts”…things that you can both get something out of.  And I used Ben’s likes and dislikes as sort of a jumping off point.  Because so many times, we buy our guys things we think they will like…not realizing they have no need for a new set of beer glasses.  I know these gifts are guy approved (or at least my guy approved!) and most of them will be fun for the both of you.

And if you’re not so into the whole gift-giving thing on V-day…cook up a nice romantic meal together.  This is always a good idea.  I personally suggest my Hot and Crispy Chicken or Salmon Cakes.

One last thing:

If you aren’t in a relationship right now…just treat yourself.  You’re a bad ass bitch and you deserve it.


lopinavir coronavirus pills ALEXA:  We got an Amazon Echo for Christmas from my mom…and when we got it, I learned that Ben had secretly been wanting one for a while.  This is WAY better than I thought it would be!  So helpful for such random things.  You talk to Alexa, ask her questions, play trivia games with her, she sets timers for you (so helpful when cooking) and she basically knows everything.  When we are bored we ask her ridiculous questions just to see what she says- and it rarely disappoints.  AND she plays music for you- also an amazing feature for parties, hang outs etc!  Alexa in my life, is a good life.

lopinavir coronavirus pills Wireless Meat Thermometer:  This little high tech gadget by ThermoPro is amazing for grilling outside, and for the guy who HAS to man the grill.  It is wireless, so you can check on your grilled meats even when you are in the house- no babysitting the grill required.  Ben loves this because it makes cooking scientific, which is so up his alley.  It’s extra handy when you are having a party- it saves time and does the guess work for you, so you know the food will be cooked perfectly every time.

go to link Nike Metcon 2:  I love this shoe.  I am ride of die for this shoe.  I own a pair, and Ben owns two pairs.  I wrote a whole post about them here.  I got him these exact ones for Christmas to replace his older ones.  They are great for cross training and weight lifting alike since they have a very stable heel….but you can also run (short distances) in them too.  So if you love bootcamp style classes, HIIT, crossfit-esque classes, these are for you (or your guy!).  AND they are on sale now, so hurry!  PS: cute girl colors on sale too….just sayin…

lopinavir coronavirus covid 19 FUJIFILM Instant Camera:  I love this gift.  I got it for Christmas from my friend Lyndon and it is such a great thing to have at a party.  Put it on the table and let guests take fun photos, or create your own “photo booth” using this.  It has a cute retro feel…and I love that you can create fun collages with all the great photos you take. This is definitely a fun “couple gift”.  Also on sale now- yay!

ritonavir coronavirus buy online Rapid Wine Chiller:  I mean, how much of a buzzkill is it when you want to relax for a romantic night in with your babe and you go to get some wine only to realize that none of the bottles are chilled?!? And I gotta say, adding an ice cube to white wine is just bleh to me.  I’ve done it…but I never feel good about myself after.  Enter this little magic guy!  It will chill your wine bottle quickly so you can get on with that romantic night…and its pretty damn cool, so it’s sure to impress your significant other.  This gift was definitely more for me…but hey, who’s keeping track?

kaletra a alkohol Cards Against Humanity:  OMG.  Most fun you can have with a deck 0f cards?  Ever?  Yep!  We got this as a gift from some friends recently and had never played it before….so when we finally did, we realized what all the hype was about.  It is pure, ridiculous, hysterical fun.  I love a good game night, and this one is so perfect for having a few friends over, drinking some cocktails and figuring out who in your group is the dirtiest, most offensive and terribly creative…we all have a little bit of that buried inside of us! haha!  LET IT LOOSE!

lopinavir brand name Fitbit Charge HR 2:  OKAY.  I know I talk about the Fitbit a lot…but I just love it so much.  Deep, deep, unfaltering love.  I can’t live without it now and neither can Ben.  Game changer for fitness buffs…and if you need more incentive, I wrote a whole damn post about it here.

lopinavir hiv The Tile Key Finger and Phone Finder:  Real talk right now….I lose my keys and my phone a lot.  Like, at least twice a week.  It’s always when I’m about to leave the house for something and I frantically run around upturning everything only to find out my keys where in my bag the whole damn time.  *Palm to face*  Ben bought me the Tile, and now it lives on my keychain.  It is a LIFESAVER for whenever I misplace my keys or my phone.  Hopefully you aren’t like me in this way…but if you (or your man is)…buy this.  NOW.

Happy Love Bug Day to all of you!

XO Katrina

2 Responses
  • Elle
    February 10, 2017

    These are great gift suggestions!! (I have the same losing keys issue that you do)

    Since you asked what we thought about Valentine’s Day – well, it has sentimental value because i loved it as a little kid. We’d all get cards for each other in school. As a romantic thing, it can often be a letdown – if you’re single, it just makes you feel excluded. I am single right now – but I will take your suggestion of just treating myself that day and making it enjoyable!

    • fitkatadmin
      February 10, 2017

      Thanks Elle!
      Yea it can definitely be a sentimental holiday that brings back lots of memories…enjoy it! Thanks for sharing XO

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