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ritonavir covid 19 If you’re having a good time, shake it to the right if you know that ya feeling fine….

Chickas to the front…ha ha…


Haha ok… that went a little further that planned…spice girls throwback aside…

This post is a little about my history with cooking…how I came to be good at it (at least I think!) and how I figured out ways to cook with ease and creativity.

I never follow a recipe, which is probs why I’m sort of a shitty baker…flat cupcakes anyone??


Yea, I didn’t think so!

But when it comes to cooking, I rule the kitchen (in my own head at least!)


lopinavir abbreviation My cooking mottos are:

go to site “A little bit of this a little bit of that”
“Eh, that’s about a tablespoon…I think…”
“You know what this needs? Garlic and truffle oil…”
click “Wow this recipe looks great! How can I change it completely and make it even better??”

I have a lot and I could go on for days, but the gist is this:
lopinavir dosage I improvise and I taste as I go and sort of create as I go.  A recipe to me, is just an outline.  A jumping off point.  You’ll never see me leveling out my spices in measuring vessels…LIKE EVER.

Ben gets annoyed at this sometimes because I often forget how I came up with something or how much of this or that went into a dish…but, I meaaaannn….it’s just not how I operate babe!  Oops!  So most of the time when I recreate it, it’s not exactly as it was the first time…but I think that’s ok.  Something not knowing can create something even better or more interesting the second time around!
A happy accident maybe!

For dishes we really love, I do write down what I do, especially when I post them on the blog here.  Also, because Ben makes me (thats the real reason).

One thing I rely on heavily when cooking is: SPICE!! Hence the totally lame-o Spice Girls mention up took. EEEEEEEE!!

When you are cooking healthy foods, you need to replace all the butter, fat, oil, sugar etc with other things that still add a lot of flavor.  If you don’t- the dish will be super bland and you probably won’t want to be diving into any healthy dishes anytime soon.

Flavor makes a dish.  But flavor doesn’t have to fight with your waist line!

My favorite spices and ingredients to add to foods to give them a punchy flavorful, delicious taste are:


Sauteed onions

Ginger root

Cayenne pepper or chili powder (I’m a spicy food fiend!)


Fresh lemon/lime juice and zest

Rice Vinegar

Ponzu Sauce

Soy Sauce

Nutritional Yeast (adds a buttery, cheesy flavor)

I always have these spices in my kitchen and pantry to use when I am cooking.  When food is just missing something, I am certain one of these ingredients can fix that stat.  Flavor balance is what makes food taste good.

I chose these ingredients to share with you because they are also super easy and versatile no matter what style of food you are cooking.

I would urge you to play around with low/no calorie flavor bombs when you cook…they add so much depth and deliciousness to food without added calories and fat.  Play around and see which ones you love most.

go Everyones taste profile is different, so get to know yours and healthy cooking will become more fun and flavorful for you.

And remember: cooking should be fun.  Don’t take it too seriously and make it stressful for no reason!  Experiment and enjoy the process.

ALSO!!! Cooking at home is important for a healthy lifestyle- control what is in your food and you are sure to reach your health and fitness goals sooner.

XO Katrina



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