Rose Hip: The Anti-Aging Oil


I love oils and concentrates on my face.  Oils help balance out your skins natural oil levels and hydrate deeply, keeping your skin looking as glowy, young and as fresh as possible.  I wrote a whole post here about my love for facial oils– check it out to know more about how they work and why you should try them!

click here Anyway, back to these rose hips…

watch I started using Rose Hip Oil a few months back after I read an article about it and heard another girl talking about it.  So I quickly ordered some on Amazon and put it to the test.

kaletra generic canada It is a cold pressed oil extracted from the seeds of a specific type of rose called Rosa Moschata.  The oil is touted for its anti-aging benefits because it is loaded with: fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin A and B-carotene….all of which are anti-aging powerhouses.

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The oil and all of its antioxidants are able to penetrate into deep layers of the skin and stimulate collagen production (thanks to the vitamin C!).  This extra collagen production is also great for repairing skin damages and scarring.

The vitamin A and B-Carotene have small molecules that can also penetrate deeply into the skin, improving the skins moisture levels while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

It also helps combat damage from UV rays- preventing premature aging and helping to repair skin damage.  Rose Hip oil is also great for reducing inflammation and redness…which is AMAZING for me.  I have rosacea and this really helps calm my skin down and keep flare-ups at bay!

It’s basically amazing and I love it.

When I put it on my skin, a few drops is all you need, I massage it in and my skin immediately starts absorbing it.  No greasy residue from this!  It sinks in, plumps up your skin and leaves you with this lovely, pretty glow-y look.  Like a beachy goddess. This is how I use it:

ritonavir buy With my makeup in the morning:   I moisturize first, then mix a few drops of the Rose Hip Oil into my primer (this is the primer I use) and I smooth that on my skin and wait a few minutes before applying tinted moisturizer or foundation.  The combo if primer and rose hip oil really helps my makeup go on smoothly and evenly.  And that rose hip glow I was talking about?  It still shines through even with makeup on!  I avoid it on my eye lids though- it seems to make them a bit too slick for eyeshadow application.  


At night before bed:  I remove all of my makeup with Micellar Water, and then wash my face (check out my favorite cleansers here!)  Next, I apply the Rose Hip Oil all over my face and neck, usually about 5-6 drops or so, and massage it in.  I then follow with my moisturizer and eye cream.  In the morning, my skin looks hydrated and fresh.  I also think that loading up on anti-aging moisturizers right before bed is so important to do- at night it has plenty of time to skin in and get to work.  Also- you are never too young to start using natural preventative aging products like this!!

The best part about this oil is that it’s pretty inexpensive.  The one I bought on Amazon was only $13, and it’ll definitely last me a few months at least…so it goes a long way!  You can spend a lot more on fancier products for sure, but for now…this one really does the trick without any extra “fluff stuff” that doesn’t really add anything.


XO Katrina



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