What I Eat Part II: The Busy Babe Edition


A lovely reader reached out recently and told me how much she loved my original post about what I eat in a day.  First of all, I loved hearing that because I love ALL feedback and I really want to know what you all respond to, what you want more of etc…

ritonavir coronavirus covid 19 I also thought it was interesting, but not too surprising.  When we are gung-ho on a fitness/healthy lifestyle journey it is easy to get confused about exactly what to eat and bored of eating bland food.  It made me think about it a little more and I have to be honest:

kaletra off label use When I read an article or story about what someone I follow or think looks great ate or eats in a day, I am thoroughly interested and I will DEF be looking up some of their go-to’s.  That is actually how I have adopted some of my healthy food/ supplement obsessions!

http://restivos.com/?kaletra=can-kaletra-tablets-be-crushed So I thought I would do a part 2 of “What I Eat Every Day”…but this time with a busy babe spin on it.  Meaning: what I eat on those crazy days when I don’t have time to eat three square meals.

If you read the original post, I consider myself more of a “three square meals” girl.  I like sitting down and eating a meal….LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

But alas, I can’t always sit down for those three meals and eat something healthy and satisfying every single day.  On weekends, I am SO a three meal babe..and maybe a snack or two.  But during the week at a busy time of year, I have a few small meals through the day.

Right now, my days are insanely busy!  For actors, this time of year is often the busiest: it is pilot season AND it’s the beginning of the year and everyone is going going going non stop.  Between all the auditions, meetings, day and evening events, shoot days and workout sessions…I have little time to even take Puffin out on a nice walk and call my mom, let alone sit down for three meals!  It is a lot to balance, along with spending enough quality time with my husband and nurturing my social life.

So to do this, and remain healthy and happy…I plan.  I plan a lot.

I schedule my workouts accordingly- most of them this time of year happen first thing in the morning.  And I plan my eating around what I have on the schedule for the day.  I make food ahead of time and stock up on healthy grab-and-go options.

Here is a typical “Busy Babe” food day for me:


Protein shake!  Duh!  My recent favorites are my Cinnamon Banana Smoothie or my Blueberry Cobbler Smoothie.  I wake up, whip up one of these and drink it with coffee before my morning workout or morning meetings.

On days when I’m craving something to chew on, I make Coconut Cashew Overnight Oats on the weekend and eat it through the week with some blueberries, mango slices or whatever fruit I have on hand.  Ben loves this too (he eats it with a scoop of greek yogurt) so it goes fast!

If I happen to have a lot of time, I make scrambled egg whites with spinach and mushrooms.  4 egg whites, a TON of spinach, all sauteed with coconut oil, salt and pepper….and a dash of hot sauce.  This is rare these days, but I do love starting the day with eggs.

Most mornings (other than on my rest days with no workouts) I take a spoonful of my Magic Seeds too!  I just eat them straight from the spoon, chew them up and follow them with a protein smoothie…extra energy for the day from protein, fiber and healthy fats.  AND they do wonders for hair, skin and nail health!  Yay beauty!

Now moving on to…

go Lunch:

So lunch is what gets tricky during busy days for me.  Lunch takes the biggest hit.  To make sure I am fueled, happy and satisfied I split lunch into two parts.  I eat one thing sometime between 11:30-1pm and another mini meal sometime around 3pm.  And this seems to work very well for me on busy days…and I don’t experience a brain-fog crash (which, lets be honest, is literally the worst when you have a lot to do!!)

kaletra generic manufacturer I like to keep lunch light so I don’t feel super full, heavy or weighed down.  So two small meals really does the trick.

My favorite go-to mini meal right now is an RXBar.  I love them so much.  Ride of die for those RXBars baby!  They are super healthy, natural and they have nothing weird in them- you can count their ingredients on one hand.  With 13g of protein, only 210 calories and big chunks of almonds and cashews, they are satisfying and keep me full for hours.  I make sure to eat them slow (they are chewy!) and wash them down with plenty of water.  They also taste like a candy bar, which makes me happy (yay!).  Every flavor I have tried is amazing, but my personal favorites are the Coconut Chocolate, the Chocolate Sea Salt and the Chocolate Mint.  Chocolate anyone?? Yep. Yes. MM HMM.

If I happen to get a moment to run home between appointments, I will quickly whip up some egg whites (3), spinach and some quinoa.  Basically the same recipe from the above breakfast, but with quinoa added in.  I make some quinoa for the week one night or on a Sunday and store it in the fridge so I can easily scoop some out and heat it up for a quick protein packed carb to go along with my eggs.

I also usually have leftovers in the fridge from the previous nights dinner- which also make for a super quick mini meal.  I cook at least 4 times a week, and when I have leftovers, I eat some of them for one of my mini meals.  For example:  two salmon cakes are perfect for a quick, easy, healthy mini meal.  So is a small bowl of leftover Orange Chicken or Kung Pao Chicken.  If you go to an office,  pack up those leftovers and bring them with you!  Easy lunch or mini-meal!  Done.

Another mini-meal I love is a big apple sliced up with a tablespoon of almond butter OR and handful of almonds or walnuts.  I love apples, and I love nuts…so this little meal makes me super happy and also keeps me full and satisfied.  This one I usually do around 3pm-4pm after a mini meal of real food or an RXBar.

lopinavir ritonavir buy uk Dinner:

Dinner is it’s own animal.  Dinner is my favorite meal because I get to have fun with it.  Like I said above, I cook 4 times a week or more on average and I love doing it (hence the reason I post so many recipes!!)

I really, truly make all the recipes I post on here very often- I post them because they are favorites that I keep in the weekly rotations.

lopinavir dosing  So let me explain how I eat them exactly….

At dinner, I really want to focus on eating something very well balanced.  I want a lot of protein and a lot of veggie goodness.  My motto is: the more vegetables you can get in there, the better!!  I always pair my dinner with a salad, dressed lightly, and a vegetable of some sort.  My favorites are brussel sprouts, broccoli, spaghetti squash and cauliflower.  But I love every veggie except Okra (heyyyy Tom Collichio!) and seaweed (IDK why, but it literally makes me gag) SOOOO I load up on them at every meal.

For carbs, I love baked sweet potato fries- my skinny version here!!! I also love quinoa, duh…and my newest obsession is red lentil pasta from Trader Joes.  OMG you guys.  It is SO good.  Saving this guy for another post…but seriously, it is a game changer in the gluten free pasta department.

So for dinner- I try to eat a very balanced meal and I let myself really eat.  Because, hey…it’s the end of the night and you deserve it.

Let me know if you have any other favorites I should be aware of and let me know if you have any questions about any of this!!

Some great mobility moves coming your way on Monday!  Have a lovely weekend!

XO Katrina 

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