Sheet Masks


It all sort of started with that photo of Chrissy Teigan wearing a sheet mask on a private jet while primping her pretty little face in a mirror compact. 

[ …Well at least that’s when it started for me… ]

The obsession with the sheet mask.  That funny looking cloth/paper mask that you put on your face and sit with while all the good stuff seeps into your skin.  There are so many on the market now, and a lot of them are AMAZING…and some are so-so.  But regardless, they are having a moment.

I have tried my fair share of sheet masks over the years…whether they came from a trip to Sephora, a makeup artist on set, or a friend giving me one of theirs…I have tried some good ones and some bad ones.  Some super expensive ones and some that are totally budget-friendly.

I tend to gravitate more to the hydrating, radiance-boosting masks so most of my favorites fall into that category.  Which I think is totally great for a sheet mask.  You can use a liquid or clay face mask to purify and detox your skin, like the ones I wrote about in this post….and then use a sheet mask to plump, brighten and give you that amazing goddess-worthy glowing skin.

My favorite times to use these masks are at night while watching TV.  The hubs never fails to laugh at me when I enter the room wearing the mask and he pretty much always snaps some very uncool photos of me whilst wearing the mask…even the dog gives me the side eye!  But who cares?!  Glowy skin comes at a cost babes!

All honesty- my absolute favorite face masks that I buy all the time and use weekly are Korean.  I get my ass in the car and I drive over to Korea Town and I fill up on sheet masks, along with other beauty goodies, over at The Face Shop in K Town.  They always have deals on masks if you buy a certain amount and everything in the store is SO AFFORDABLE!  It’s my favorite as far as skin care goes.  I just discovered that Amazon sells a 16 mask bundle of Face Shops different face masks for UNDER $10!!!  So if you want to try out an assortment of my FAV masks…click and shop! 

Wear one before an event, a shoot, an important day, when your skin feels dry and bleh….or just whenever you damn feel like it!

Here are my favorites, both high and low.

3 Lab Perfect Mask:  

This one is sort of the gold standard of face masks.  First of all, it’s expensive…definitely not budget friendly.  But it certainly packs a punch.  It hydrates my skin and has a very serum-feel to it, and when I remove the mask my skin always looks bright, firm and youthful.  The effects last days after too- in fact, the next morning my skin looked even better than it did after I used the mask the night before.  Definitely a “special occasion” mask…but worth it!

Dr Jart Water Replenishment

This one is great for sensitive skin, or newbies to sheet masking.  It hydrates well and leaves your skin feeling cool, hydrated and refreshed.  I like this one for any time use- you can use it multiple times a week in the winter to keep skin hydrated and fresh.  They are also budget friendly, so you won’t feel like you have to save them for a special occasion.

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle 24K Gold

This one is pretty special.  I love PTR products and this one is no exception.  This mask works to turn dull, dehydrated skin into soft, plump, vibrant skin.  Hyaluronic Acid helps to smooth and plump the skin, wiping away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It also touts anti-inflammatory effects from the addition of 24k gold.  Fancy!  This one is pricey, so save it for a special night. Wink wink.


Sephora Pearl Face Mask

Sephora has a whole line of sheet masks, all designed to target something different.  This one is my favorite.  These masks don’t feel as wet and slick (less serum-y) but their after affects are spot on!  This one brightens and smooths the skin to achieve that glowing look we are all after.  Also super affordable- one to stock up on!

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

Another KING in the sheet mask world.  I have never bought these on my own- I have always gotten them from makeup artists on set because they are a bit expensive. They are $17 a pop SO this is definitely a special occasion mask!  BUT OMG it works like magic in heaven.  The blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids plump and hydrate your skin to make you glowy and gorgeous.  Goddess material.

TonyMoly Pureness 100

I am obsessed with hyaluronic acid.  Literally obsessed.  Can’t get enough of it.  I would bathe in it nightly if it wouldn’t cost me my whole savings account.  This mask is a super charged shot of hyaluronic acid straight to the face!  Super hydrating and plumping.  When I use this mask my skin looks so fresh, smooth and youthful.  It’s also a very affordable mask at $4 each.  Score!


Happy Face Masking Beauties!

XO Katrina



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