My New Favorite: Kickboxing


I have an obsession. Another one… I guess I sort of have a lot of obsessions!

source But this one is REAL. This one is strong and super bad ass. generic kaletra buy uk Kickboxing.

Not the lady-gym, Tae-Bo, jazzercise type that may come to mind.


The real, bad ass, Martial Artsstress on the Arts...partner sparring, technique heavy, prepare you to fight type of kickboxing.

I have been taking kickboxing classes with this incredible instructor in LA for about 2-3 months or so now. I love every single class. The kickboxing style is predominantly Muay Thai, with some other styles mixed in. We are barefoot on a padded kickboxing/wrestling matt floor, which was weird at first…but now it feels great. For most of the kicks, we kick and strike with our shins, not our feet…and the power is all in the hip rotation. Peter teaches us new combos every single time, we do a lot of partner sparring, heavy bag work and he always challenges us with new moves and things that totally bring me out of my comfort zone.

get link One class we had to literally launch ourselves over our partners backs…I am not sure why he had us do this…but I know it was scary at first and then so fucking fun!

This is the type of workout where it's more than just a workout.  
It is an art form.  A learning experience.

I have come a long way since my first class…but I have a long way to go. But one thing is for sure: I love this workout, I love how it makes me feel and I love that I will never be able to completely master it. There is always room for improvement…and for someone like me who gets off on a challenge…it is perfect.

kaletra 400 mg Also, it makes you feel like a total bad ass and workout-wise it’s top notch.

You know how basically every single Victoria’s Secret Model goes to that same boxing gym and posts those cute yet bad ass videos of themselves sparring with trainers in a ring? This is that…minus the ring…but with kicks, knees and a lot of other cool shit mixed in.

And all those models choosing boxing as their workouts? It’s for good reason.

Boxing and Kickboxing are incredible cardio and full body workouts. These workouts train your body to be agile and the core work you get is insane. To stay stable, you have to keep your core super tight which is a major ab workout with a single crunch in sight.

With kickboxing, you really work your legs too. You learn to kick in different ways and proper form on these kicks is key…like basically every movement in the class!

You must stay light on your feet and have quick reflexes, which is a great way to also train your brain…you really have to think on your toes and be ready. Half of the skill is mental…once you get the moves down…it’s all up to your mind to put it together quickly and coordinate the movements.

kaletra for sale After a class, I leave physically exhausted, pumped up, elated and stimulated. Having to use your mind and coordination skills so much in a workout really creates an attachment and a sense of accomplishment when you complete it.

I highly recommend giving a class like this a try! It has quickly become a favorite of mine…I’m even thinking of investing in a fancy pair of boxing gloves….that’s how into it I am.

It isn’t hard to find an amazing Boxing Gym! Simply search for Muay Thai classes, kickboxing classes, Thai Kickboxing classes…or just a really good boxing class (sans kicks) to find one local to you. Most cities have good options…just do some research!

Does anyone else love this workout? Hate it? Let me know what you think!

XO Katrina

2 Responses
  • ivan
    February 10, 2017

    Love this workout! I Wish there were more Boxing GYMs near where I live. I would recommend it to any one. It’s great to release some esteem.


    • fitkatadmin
      February 15, 2017

      Totally agree!! Love it for cardio and weight free muscle tone. It’s also a major mental workout which I love. What style do you prefer?

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