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Today’s post was supposed to be about my favorite lip stains to wear every day, but I had to change my programmed posting a little bit.
Don’t worry beauty buffs- that post will be up next week instead!
After what happened to me on Wednesday, I just felt the need to talk about it and spread some insight to anyone willing to listen.

This post is about animals and about the loving humane treatment of all animals, the ones we know and love as family members, as well as the undomesticated ones we aren’t as familiar with. It’s also about compassion- to all living things…animals and humans alike.

On Wednesday afternoon my husband, my friend Lyndon and I came across a dog on the side of the road when we were driving. The dog looked like it was in bad shape: it was old, slow moving, dirty, wearing a diaper and had a large tumor on its stomach.  Other than those physical traits, the dog was sweet, friendly and trusting.

We pulled over and she came up to us, tail slowly wagging and wanted to be near us.  She had no collar or any form of identification on her.  The situation looked bad.  We lifted her into the car and she sprawled out in the back seat like she has done it many times before….she had clearly been someone’s pet.

We knocked on a few doors and no one recognized her…I approached many local dog owners and still no one recognized her.
We took her to the vet, who determined she was not micro-chipped and clearly had some medical issues.
We put up flyers all over the neighborhood and continued to ask neighbors about her with no luck. We were sad, defeated and believed that someone dumped this poor sweet old girl on the road because they couldn’t take care of her properly. I was in tears.

Luckily the next morning we got a call from the dogs owner- a neighbor had seen our flyer and told her to call us.  The owner picked up the dog and all is ok.

We were happy that the dog had a home and went back to its owners, but still a little sad that the dog wasn’t taken care of properly.
We were so happy the dog wasn’t dumped on the side of the road like we had thought…but we also wondered how good it’s at home conditions were…


I often feel a need to take care of things and want everyone to do exactly the same and I get upset when I see people do the opposite.

You know when you can’t possibly imagine why another person has a different view on a certain issue than you do?  How someone could treat another person or an animal in a way you never would?  You can’t fathom that anyone could think the opposite opinion is right, moral or OK?

I’m feeling that a lot recently.  I accept that we all have the right to our own opinions and I would never say or do anything to put that into question because it’s our basic right as people…but I’m often left scratching my head.

This instance started making me think a lot about accepting other people’s views and actions.  And I came to the conclusion that some people are just plain selfish and lack compassion when it comes to certain topics.  I mean, we are all guilty of that from time to time….right?  It made me promise myself that I would continue to always act with compassion and do the right thing, no matter how inconveniencing or un-beneficial it is to me on a personal level.  Just because I don’t personally feel every single persons hardships, I do empathize with them and want what is right regardless of whether it affects me or not.

You can’t make people change. You can’t make someone more loving and accepting.  All you can do is lead by example and hope your own actions rub off in a positive way.

This crazy day on Wednesday really hit home with me.

Here are some great resources for if you ever find a stray animal.  Imagine if your pet was lost…you’d want someone to help, even if it was inconvenient for them.
And this local community website linking you to your neighborhood is also a very helpful tool in case anything like this happens.

Inconveniencing yourself for the sake and safety of others is one of the most selfless acts. And right now, we need a little bit more selflessness in the world.


Have a beautiful weekend!

XO Katrina

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