Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


I always find gift giving a challenge… I love giving gifts but I think I obsess over finding the perfect gift every time.  And we all have some people in our lives who are basically the most difficult people to buy for right?  The people who have everything or buy themselves what they need before you get a chance to (Ben is this person!!)

I scoured the interweb to find my favorite picks for unique, fun, useful, pretty holiday gifts that are sure to make even the toughest recipient light up with joy.

I love giving a gift that just screams luxury- something that someone may not necessarily buy for themselves, but you know they secretly want it.  We all love gifts like that!

Right now I am loving personal, cute gifts that really send out a good vibe.  Aside from my picks below here are a few things I can’t wait to gift:

sunday forever sundayforevernicethings

Nice Things and The Kimono, made for leisure by my gorgeous friend Ashli of Sunday Forever (her official title is the CEO of Leisure, which makes you love her even more).  Sunday Forever’s Nice Things gifts make for such a unique, pretty gift perfect for anyone (sage, the cutest lighters, evil eye necklaces, coconut incense….and more) …and if you want to splurge a bit more, her Kimonos are the way to go- so stylish and made with the best fabrics you’ll just want to live in….whats better than the gift of luxury leisure?!?  Few things are, by loves.


♥ A Barry’s Bootcamp Gift Card.  The gift of fitness in the form of an absolutely killer workout (which is also SO fun you guys) is always a great gift to give.  PLUS they have studios all over the country, so you can get your fix in many different cities.


The cutest workout set by Outdoor Voices.  These are a bit on the pricey side (but then again, most activewear seems to be, so it’s in line with all the others out there) but their materials are killer, the colors are so gorgeous, and the color blocking they do will make you look like you have Victorias Secret Angel thighs….or almost.

Now, scroll through for ALL of my favorite gifts this year….a little bit of everyting in here and its all super fun, you’ll probably want it all for yourself!



I also have a round up of my favorite gifts for the guys in your life.  Because we all know how hard they are to buy for!

Happy Gifting!

XO Katrina

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