Travel Hacks To Make Your Life a Little Easier


Travel time!!

This is the time of year where almost everyone is traveling somewhere…you may be about to travel, or already at your destination, but whatever your current situation is…travel is most likely on the itinerary.

I LOVE traveling…but I sort of hate the getting there part….the actual travel portion of “traveling”.  Bleh.  Airplanes, long car rides etc…no thanks, I would rather do without them!  BUT alas…to go places in life, you gotta get your ass on that plane.  Is that already a saying?  Hmm…it should be!

Anyways.  I have to travel a lot for work, so I am no stranger to all of the discomforts that come along with traveling: delayed flights, long layovers, getting stuck next to a less than desirable seat-mate, dehydration, stomach troubles, bloating, strange eating schedules that throws you off course, jet lag…to name a few.

But since I have dealt with all of these so much, I have discovered a few great little hacks that make traveling a little less chaotic and way more manageable.  Some are for ON the plane….and some are things to bring on your trip to bring a little bit of that home comfort with you.


Itty-Bitty Travel Hacks That Can Make A WORLD Of Difference

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Line

This stuff is travel gold.  The Ultra Calming line is so moisturizing, gentle and soothing…which makes it perfect for air travel.  The calming mist is great to spray on whenever (I basically do it every 45 minutes on the flight- and I am totally over the looks I get from people because….who cares?!).  I put on the calming mask pre-flight an I leave it on for the whooolllleeee flight.  That’s right.  It goes on clear, so it’s unnoticeable.  It sinks in and deeply moisturizes your skin, fighting that terrible skin dehydration that happens to the best of us on flights.  Post flight, I remove the mask with a face wipe and smooth on some of the calming moisturizer…AND more mist because why not.

The Cable Organizer You Already Have

An old sunglass case.  You know you got one or a few laying around.  Grab one or two (depending on how many chargers and cables you travel with) and store your cables in the sunglass case.  That way you eliminate ALL of that frustration that comes from tangled cables in the bottom of your bag that accidentally pulls out a tampon with it at the most inopportune moment…ladies, you hear me on this right??  Easy hack that costs zero dollars.

Travel With a Portable Water Bottle

I ALWAYS bring a reusable water bottle with me on trips.  That way I can refill it whenever I like and I don’t have to buy those airport water bottles that cost like $5 per ounce- what is up with that??  And then you’re also all set with a bottle for your entire trip- whether you are working out, going on an adventure, or just chilling with family.  Swell makes my favorite bottles– they are well made, durable and they come in such great designs. Stay hydrated..always.  The more hydrated you stay, the better you’ll be able to adjust to new time zones AND hydration will calm down stomach woes that come hand in hand with travel….which leads me to my next hack…

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is my go to when I travel to keep my stomach calm and digestion working like normal.  Traveling can cause so much tummy turmoil, but a few drops of peppermint oil in my water or in a cup of hot tea really works wonders in keeping everything calm and normal.  I also love to get a whiff of the oil whenever I am feeling a bit lethargic- the peppermint is refreshing and can instantly pep you up a bit.  A little goes a long way!

Slipper Socks For On The Plane and Off

My feet always get cold and swollen when I am on airplanes.  So I usually take my shoes off for the flight so my feet can breathe and feel comfortable.  BUT the floors on a plane are pretty gnarly.  I don’t even want to know all the gross stuff lurking under foot!  SO I always travel with a nice pair of cozy socks- these slipper socks are my favorite.  I wear them the whole flight and then when I de-plane, I ball them up and wash them at home for my next travel adventure.

Portable Blender

I love that I discovered the convenience of a portable blender.  Game changer.  I hate it when my eating schedule gets thrown off because of long travel days, no healthy options once you land, limited access to a great breakfast in the mornings etc…. SO I take this little guy with me along with my favorite protein powder so I can whip up healthy, protein packed shakes anywhere.  If possible, I buy almond milk when I land and a few bananas to make a yummy shake as a meal substitution whenever I am in a pinch.

A Do-It All Makeup Stick

Nothing is worse than having a ton of clutter when you travel, but you also don’t want to travel too light and forget something…which is where the dilemma lies.  Especially with beauty products.  Thats why I love to find a product that serves a few purposes and lessens the sheer volume of things in my bag.  Enter: W3LL PEOPLE Universalist Multi-Stick….a stick you can use on your eyes lips and cheeks and somehow it works for it all.  It adds a natural color to your skin for that no make-up look while still keeping you glowy and gorgeous.  AND it is made of organic ingredients you can actually pronounce, which is another plus.

Happy Holidays and may all your travel days be merry and easy!

XO Katrina

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