The Reverse Lunge


Lunges. Love em…or maybe its a love hate relationship.  I love what they do for my booty but mannnn the pain!  Good pain though, good pain.  No pain, no gain right?!?

I think that lunges are essential for a firm, tight, curves-in-all-the-right-places lower body.  If you’re doing it right, the lunge works your butt like a dream.



But soooo many people don’t do them right.  And there are lots of different ways to mess up the basic lunge:

Knee to far forward

Weight in the wrong area

Not getting low enough

Putting the stress on your quad…among others.

Which is why I love the reverse lunge.  I think it is the easiest lunge to master form with.  It’s easier to keep the weight in the back of your working leg, finding and keeping your center of balance is a little bit easier, and I think it’s easier to move quickly in a reverse lunge, compared to a forward lunge.

Balance is everything with a lunge, and I often lose my balance when doing front lunges (a bit clumsy over here!)…and that can lead to leaning too far forward, straining your knees and just generally not working the right muscles.  Boo!
So for me, and many other people I know, the reverse lunge is the savior of all lunges.  It allows you to keep the focus in your hamstring and butt, get low and maintain perfect form. Yes!



Now just a reminder when doing a lunge:

Get low: front leg parallel to the ground, back knee hovering just above the ground

Keep the weight in the heel of your front foot- booty work!

Keep your body straight, no leaning forward or back!

When you rise up to start position, squeeze your butt, every time babes

Use weights!! I usually always lunge with 15lb dumbells in each hand (or more!) and you really feel the booty firming burn.

So if you are already a pro lunger, try rotating the reverse lunge into your routine for a change!  When I am in a workout class, I will do reverse lunges (or walking lunges if there is room) whenever a lunge is a part of the workout.

Have a lovely, healthy and happy week beauties!

XO Katrina

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