Resolutions & How to Learn From This Past Year


So 2016.  Good God 2016.

For me, it’s easy to be mad at this year…to wait for it to be over and celebrate it’s end like a little brat.  It hasn’t been a great year in my eyes…for many different reasons.

I felt like this year was full of let downs- personal ones that have been a struggle for me and some on a large, world-scale.

{ Racism, shootings, the terrible election season that was difficult to believe…to name a few }

It’s easy to focus on the negative and exclaim that 2016 just fucking sucked

«« Believe me, I’ve done this already »»

BUT I have decided to change my attitude now that the prospect of a new year filled with unknowns is right in front of us.  Dwelling on what was terrible will get you nowhere real fast…but don’t simply forget the bad; take the bad and use it.  Use it as your weapon to make things better.

Failure and disappointment- although painful and frustrating- are the best ways to learn and grow. Every failure, every fall, every “it didn’t work out” is meant to toughen us up and teach us a lesson.  In the moment, it may not feel like that…but if we choose to grow and learn, we are bound to make progress and achieve things that once felt out of reach.

This was the first year in my adult life where I haven’t been on a tv show- not having a steady comfortable job…and as an actor who hasn’t experienced that much, it’s been scary at times and frustrating.   But at the same time, I was able to work on some pretty amazing projects with all the free time and I was able to finally launch this blog and jump into it whole heartedly.  So with a negative, came some positives that have been exciting and have taught me a lot.  It hasn’t always felt comfortable, but in the uncomfortable moments, we find strength and resilience we didn’t know we had.

Maybe your love life hasn’t been awesome or your career is at a standstill or family troubles have gotten you down.  We ALL go through shit.  No one on this Earth is without their own personal shit they are going through.

Disappointments and let downs can reveal a lot: sometimes they happen because of totally uncontrollable circumstances, BUT sometimes they reveal that you could and should be putting in more effort to succeed.  Success doesn’t come easy…and hard work is necessary.  Take the set backs and use them as an opportunity to look inside yourself and ask “was I really, truly giving this my all?”  There is always room for improvement.  No one reaches a level of perfection.

It’s also important to acknowledge the good things!  I know there have to be some!  It’s easy to forget about the good things and dwell on the negative because that seems to sort of just be human nature (why do we do this to ourselves?!) but think and take time to realize that good always comes with bad- examine the good things that happen and identify how you felt, what you did right and try to apply all of that for the future.

I’m going to go ahead and quote Kylie Jenner here….bear with me…..

“I feel like every year has a new energy, and I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of realizing stuff. And everyone around me, we’re all just, like, realizing things.”  

I never usually use someone like Kylie as an example for anything…BUT do as Kylie does and start to realize things about 2016.  Realize the shit out of this year.

This year, my husband and I moved across the country from NYC to LA….no easy thing!  But we did it AND we bought our first home, which has been a huge goal of mine.  Buying a beautiful home we love in a city we are learning to love has been a huge happy part of 2016 for me.  It has been a little bit stressful, but it makes me proud to accomplish a goal like this.  What good things have happened to you?  What goals or milestones (large or small) have you achieved?

I am also a huge believer in having someone to talk to.  Mom, friend, significant other, therapist…whomever!  Talk it all out, have someone to check in with.  If it wasn’t for Ben, I would have so many pent up feelings…I am so lucky I have someone who I can complain to, vent with and then get over all of it with.  And he holds me accountable….he doesn’t let me just stay pissy about something.  Find someone who does that for you.

Maybe this year was great for you, or maybe you’re like me and you’re anxiously waiting for it to end…whatever boat you’re in…use those ups and downs as learning experiences to perfect your approach to this new year.

 Take a chance on a career change, ask that special someone out on a date, let go of friendships or relationships that don’t make you happy, become more politically and socially active to make a difference in what matters to you…do the things that will take you, your life and your happiness to the next level.  Start now.

This year, I resolve to be the best version of myself…and just try a little harder at everything.  Nothing major.  Just actively try harder.

I hope you all had an amazzzzing holiday and take advantage of the end of this year and look forward to whats to come.

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XO Katrina

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  • Elle
    December 28, 2016

    Great post, thanks for the motivation and the encouragement.

    You mentioned TV shows. I loved Public Morals, and although I’m sorry it didn’t last longer, I look forward to seeing you in more projects.

    Hope we can all “kick ass” in 2017!

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