Perfect Holiday Host Gifts


go here Tis the season for parties galore!

lopinavir coronavirus covid 19 And just a friendly reminder: it’s never OK to come to someones party empty handed. NEVER! If someone has invited you to a party they are hosting, you should bring something to give them or something that will contribute to the party. The host is putting in money, work and planning to put on a party for you all to enjoy, so it’s a nice gesture to bring a gift of some sort. That can be anything, by the way…. You can bring a bottle of wine, a favorite bottle of liquor, you’re famous cookies, that dip everyone dies over…or a cute little gift that stands out from the ordinary…I’ll get to that in a sec!

lopinavir cena A bottle of some type of adult beverage is always a good idea…you really can’t go wrong with that. One tip I have for this though: find out what the hosts favorite drinks of choice are. Do they prefer white, rose or red wines? If you know their favorite wine you know you can then buy red wine online (or white of course!) and make sure to get their favorite year and such. Margaritas or Manhattans? Simply ask them what they prefer, or pay attention to what they typically order when you go out with them (if you are that close). Bringing something the host already loves gives you an A+ in the guest department.

lopinavir ritonavir coronavirus I also love to bring food, because I love to cook…no brainer! So if you’re great at making a dip, are known for your holiday cookies etc..bring that! Or a jar full of roasted nuts always goes over well! Recipes I love to bring to parties are my Spicy Spicy Pumpkin Dip, Sweet Potato Salad, Mini Thanksgiving Turkey Meatballs and Donut Muffins. Now, gift wise, I have a BUNCH of unique, fun ideas that are sure to stand out and your host will be over the moon. Brining a little gift just makes it all a bit more special- it shows you put a lot of thought into it (even though it’s very little effort, especially with this list..duh!)

watch Here are my favorite choices for host gifts, all under $50! You don’t need to spend much, it’s the thought that counts. Gifts I bring usually run me about $20-$40. Totally doable.

z pack azithromycin Happy Shopping and Partying!


XO Katrina

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