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I’m a big fan of a simple health solution, an easy-to-maintain kickstart I can do daily to benefit my body.  That’s why I am obsessed with my morning protein shakes.  I drink them almost every single day.  I even have a travel sized blender I travel with so I can get my fix (sorry, not sorry!)

They are easy, delicious and help me start my day off right:  eating well and eating protein.

But shakes aren’t the perfect food…they are not as well rounded as they could be.  They often lack enough fiber, omega 3’s and healthy fats.  And that’s not just shakes- I would guess that the average persons average breakfast is lacking in some way.  Honestly- it’s hard to get all the good things you need at every single meal!  It takes a lot of planning and insight…..and we often just don’t have enough time to bother.


This is why I decided to add a spoonful of nutrition to my mornings via ◊◊◊ Magic Seeds ◊◊◊

They are a blend of nutrient rich seeds that I mix together and store in a jar for easy access…and every morning before I drink my shake and my coffee, I eat a spoonful.  Or I will sprinkle it on my oatmeal or cereal.  Easy as that.  It almost seems too easy given the fact that this little spoonful of seeds provides a whopping amount of fiber, healthy fats, omega 3’s, antioxidants and vitamins.  AND it keeps me SOOO full for so long.  With a spoonful of magic seeds, I am all set and I end up eating much less over the course of the day.  Truth.


Here’s whats in it:

 Organic Chia Seeds

Organic Raw Hemp Seeds

Raw Sunflower Seeds

Organic Raw Whole Flax Seeds



I mix equal parts of all the ingredients together in a jar, shake it up and done!

The chia seeds really expand in your stomach and keep you full for so long.  Have you ever gotten one stuck in your teeth only to realize that its suddenly twice its size after sitting there for a while?? HA!  I have!  Well, same goes inside your stomach, only better.  If you make sure to drink a shake or plenty of water after, the seeds will keep you full by expanding in your stomach, while also providing you with amazing health benefits like heathly fats, extra protein and fiber.

The hemp seeds are loaded with fatty acids, Omega 3’s and 6’s….and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.  Perfect to compliment all those tough workouts!

The flax seeds are filled with fiber, also good at keeping you full and keeping things moving inside if you know what I mean. *wink wink*  They are also an amazing source of healthy fats and work wonders on your hair, skin and nails.

The sunflower seeds are rich in B vitamins and vitamin E, which is also amazing for your hair and skin health.

All in all, its a magic mix of superfoods and adding them to your daily routine is sure to keep you healthy, happy, glowing and trim.  It could also help with weight loss because eating foods like this typically keeps you full and helps control cravings.  Which is a must, especially this time of year…right?!?


XO Katrina

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  • Coral Weber
    February 17, 2017

    Great idea; way better than using a powder! Love it!

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