Favorite Orangey-Red Lipsticks


I love a bold red lip.  Your makeup can be super simple, but with a bold lip you look instantly fresh, sexy and bold…with little effort!

But when choosing a red lip color, the options are sort of endless…and every shade is so different…and not every shade looks great on everyone sadly….

Other than a classic red, my go-to shade of bold red lip is the orangey-red lip.  Its bright, its bold, it feels sexy and punchy…and it seems to wake up any face it graces.

Its the one shade of red I feel truly goes with everyone’s skin tone…and basically looks good on everyone.

I’m super into a matte lip for this shade, so most of these options I chose have little to no shine…AND they stay on for a long time!

Before applying the lip color, I like to put concealer around my lip area so the bold color line looks super sharp (no redness around the mouth!)

These are my top choices for a bold orange-red lip, perfect for this time of year and basically any time…because why not?!





Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in Sunset Orange

I have this lipstick in way too may colors.  I am obsessed with the formula.  The color is very pigmented but also super moisturizing, without being shiny.  The color is a great orange toned red, but not TOO bright, so if you feel a little less daring, this is the way to go.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Dangerous

This lipstick is super HOT!  It is sooooo bright and fun- I always get compliments when I wear it.  It is also SUPER matte and smooth, without drying your lips out, which is important!  Love this one!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in A Go-Go

This is such a great long wear lipstick!  It is a liquid but goes on super smooth, matte and bright AND it lasts soooo long!  It also has great moisturizing qualities to keep your lips hydrated and looking pretty.  And the color is totally spot on.

Lipstick Queen in Jungle Queen

This lipstick is super cool because the color can be built up to your personal desired boldness.  So on some days you can have just a hint of color, and then when you’re feeling a little jazzy, you can add a few more swipes and take the color pop up a few notches.  Take it on a beach vacation for a light tint or wear it on New Years Eve for a bold look.

Sephora Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rock Queen

This lipstick is a rich, bold color and super matte.  It lasts a long time and its also affordable!  The color is also packed with great hydrating ingredients to make sure your pucker stays soft.

Pucker up for that New Years Kiss!

Have a safe and fun NYE!! Cya in 2017!

XO Katrina

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