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Cold weather is upon us my loves! Whether you like it or not, the temps are dropping, like super fast….and with that so does our energy and motivation to get up, get out and get a good sweat on.
I mean…there’s something about a cold day that just makes you want to stay inside, be cozy and binge watch your favorite show over a cup of hot coffee right? Totally get that! BUT cold weather can actually be a perfect environment for an outdoor workout! Before you think I’m straight up crazy, let me explain….

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Even though I live in LA now (and the temps stay pretty perfect all year round here-lucky me!) I did live in New Jersey my whole childhood and then in NYC for 9 years…so I am no stranger to bitter cold winters. I’ll be honest, I am SOOOOO glad to be done with all of that- I am not a winter person- but when I had to endure the brutal East Coast winters, I managed and I actually came to enjoy my outdoor winter workouts.
I am mostly referring to running and hiking here…and there is something about the cold, fresh air that makes running and hiking very enjoyable. The fist 10 minutes outside working out suck….they suck super hard, but once you get past that….your body warms up and balances itself out and it actually feels pretty exhilarating. AND when it’s cold you want to finish the workout quickly (I mean…yea, right?) and I have run my fastest distance paces during cold weather runs! It can be a good training tool!

And believe it or not, it is getting chilly here in LA. Most of the day is chilly except for a few hours between 12-3 (where it gets super hot) so it makes for the perfect outdoor fitness weather in the mornings and late afternoons. I love running and hiking in my favorite long sleeve tops and warming leggings….they keep my muscles warm, but also keep me from getting too sweaty- the perfect cool weather clothes!

enter site how lopinavir works I think that half the battle when working out in cold temps is your gear: you need to be prepared! My NYC winter running gear got super serious…and I don’t use ALLL of that out here….but I still use some. However, I know buying all new gear can often be expensive so you could always check out sites like Raise to find some coupons and promo codes for your favorite workout gear brands!
Here are my favorite picks for cold weather running/workout gear…
Other than the typical insulated leggings and long sleeve tops, I have included my favorite running jackets that keep you warm but not TOO warm, gloves that also work with smart phones, head warmers for your ears and hats with ponytail holes.

kaletra covid 19 coronavirus Scroll through and shop these picks for a full arsenal…and there will be NO excuses for not getting up and out there!

lopinavir covid 19 The running fleece I am wearing in the photos is Athleta, the pants are lined cold gear Under Armor leggings and the shoes are Nike.



XO Katrina

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