Stress & Anxiety Busting Tips


I’m an emotional person.  I definitely go through up’s and down’s and wear my emotions on my sleeve, which isn’t always the BEST thing, but it’s who I am and I embrace it and work with it the best I can.

I also really like food (duh, who doesn’t right?) Food makes me feel comfortable in a weird way. I wouldn’t really call myself an emotional eater, because you’ll never find me crying on the floor eating an entire sleeve of chips ahoy….but I’m like…maybe one level down from that. But I don’t like turning to food comforts, because afterwards, I always feel worse…so I have figured out other ways to calm my nerves and feelings in a healthy positive way.

And the last week has been pretty emotional for me.  I think they have been emotional for most Americans (and non-Americans observing from their own countries)- no matter what side of this whole thing you’re on. Anxieties are high and emotions are everywhere…I’m not a huge fan of this feeling at all.  I like to live a balanced life full of positivity, love and lots of sweaty workouts to get out all my pent up frustration.  This past week has made me very uneasy to say the least and I try to stay positive and see the silver lining and respect other peoples opinions no matter how much they differ from my own.  (I covered all of this in my last post btw)
BUT on the flip side- I also have a bit of a temper and a strong opinion.  I know this about myself and I work very hard to stay calm and tolerant, even when it is difficult…and man…sometimes it is veryyyy difficult.
Not everything will make you happy.  Life involves so many ups and downs and SO many stressful moments.  It can feel hopeless at times…but only if you let it.

I wanted to share my favorite ways to de-stress and worry less…even when the world seems to be falling apart around you.  Because, it is not falling apart- it is just throwing you a curve ball and you have no choice other than to stand back up and follow your heart and NEVER let anyone tell you that you or your feelings are not worth being heard.

These tools also help me see the silver lining in most situations, and at the end of the day I am better for it.  And with a newfound perspective, it’s amazing how you can spread positivity to others in your life.  Nothing crazy or groundbreaking here, I just think it’s important for your overall wellness to check in with yourself, calm your thoughts and approach roadblocks in a more mature, zen way (for a lack of a better term).


Stress and Worry Busting Tips

1. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Having a community of people to talk to about things is so important. Whether it’s to just plain old vent and get your anger out, or to talk things out for some clarity- a community of like minded friends and loved ones is key.  Talk, discuss, and feel comfort in the fact that people are there to support you.

2. Get yourself out. On Wednesday night I was feeling very sad and sort of hopeless, but I got myslelf out and went to a Flywheel class.  The rollercoaster of emotions I went through in that 45 minute spin class was wacko you guys!  And afterwards, I felt so much more at peace…and I spent time after to talk with people and I felt a great sense of relief.  Nothing really changed other than my perspective and my sense of “things will be ok, I’m not alone”.  And that means the world to me

3.  Laugh. Laughter fixes a lot of things in life.  To me, it is important to find humor in all things, even at the bleakest times. I watched some late night shows that put a smile on my face, read some pretty funny memes that cracked me up (I mean, all the Joe Biden memes?  Seriously obsessed!)…I laughed at the silly things that Puffin (my dog) does every day….and I relied on my husband to laugh with even when we couldn’t imagine finding anything funny.  This can often be difficult, but laughter is proven to change your mood and the mood of others around you…so laugh your heart out!  Find a way.  Something will be able to bring a smile to your face.

4.  Cry.  When you feel like crying, just do it.  It’s a great release.  Crying is so looked down upon, but it’s a natural human emotion, so embrace it.  Holding in feelings never works out well for anyone. Let go and Kim Kardashian ugly cry your heart out….then dry those tears, get empowered and move on.

5.  Take a yoga class. I’m not super into yoga normally….I’m a go-go-go person and I tend to find it boring BUT, when I am stressed and feeling down, yoga works for me.  It gives me time to feel, time to clear my mind and truly feel things.  If you open your mind to it, you can really come to a place of better understanding and comfort. Get into a meditative state and just be ok with staying there with yourself.  For people who are always on the go, this is often a challenge…but tapping into that can make a world of difference.

5. Punch something. NOT a person, or a wall. PLEASE NOT a person or a wall. Rather, punch a bag or a set of mitts- that’s right, take a boxing class. I have been really into boxing classes recently and it is a great release for whenever I am feeling pent up frustration. I know that sounds a little rough and violent, but trust me…a good boxing class where you let it rip can really set your mind right. Pent up energy has to go somewhere- so instead of letting it out in a negative way, get it out in an environment where it is not only OK to punch and kick with all your might, but it is highly encouraged.


No great accomplishments come without some bumpy roads.  Remember that


XO Katrina

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