Navigate Holiday Parties Like A Pro


The Holidays are upon us my loves!

It’s such a fun, festive, magical time of year….filled with parties and celebrations.  I love holiday parties and I love the holidays- it always brings people together to celebrate and I love an excuse to get together with friends and family!

But with a packed social calendar ahead of us- time to do simple things for your own health and well being becomes a little tight.  I mean, you wouldn’t choose a spin class over a fun holiday party filled with champagne and yummy foods right?  I know I wouldn’t.  Time to workout and take care of ourselves sort of falls to the wayside…but thats only if you let it!

I find it even more important to take care of myself this time of year- if I don’t I may go a little crazy!  AND when you are engaging in so much merriment, it’s important to keep your health and waistline in check…December- January is not a free for all!  Thats what Thanksgiving is for, and we’ve been there done that!



I wanted to share my tips for managing a packed social holiday schedule while staying sane, fit and healthy!

Workout in the morning

Schedule your workouts in the morning- plan to go with a friend or a family member if you need an extra reason to get yourself up and out first thing!  If you wait until “later” to workout, your chances of actually doing it drops off tremendously.  Believe me, I know!  So schedule a workout first thing, go out for a morning run or take morning yoga.   lopinavir ritonavir online store Working out first thing will also keep you in the right mindset for the rest of the day…if you workout early, you’re more likely to make better decisions all day and night.  So when that party rolls around, you may think twice about inhaling that cheesy spinach dip.

go site Don’t show up hungry

NEVER SHOW UP HUNGRY!!!  I live and die by this rule.  Even if it is a dinner party, don’t show up hungry….if you do you will probably make worse food choices or find yourself elbow deep in the cheese and cracker platter.  I usually have a small salad, an apple with almond butter, half a protein bar or a protein shake about an hour or two before going to the party.  This will keep me satisfied but not super full, that way I can still enjoy the dinner or snacks, but I won’t feel the need to inhale everything I see upon entering the party instead of talking to friends!


kaletra fda approval date Have a food/drink game plan

See what they are serving at the party, food and drink wise, and decide what’s worth it and what isn’t to you personally.  If you love cheese, have some of the cheese plate, and skip the dips or dessert.  Or choose to have a little bit of everything, without going overboard with any particular item.  Have a plan.  Decide early and you’re more likely to stick with your plan…I mean, no one is perfect, but this can really help.  Same goes with alcohol.  Choose your poison and stick with it.  The worst nights I’ve had came from trying a little bit of every drink offered- total regret situation!!



Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink.  Trust me.  This is a lifesaver!  It will keep you from getting a hangover if you overdo it on the “merriment” and it will help your body know when it is full.  Eating while drinking water will help you recognize when you are full, and it will prevent overeating.  It’s easy to forget about water while you’re having fun at a party, but try your best!


kaletra uruguay Mingle and meet new people

The more I mingle and meet new people at a party, the more fun I have!  Always, without fail!  And it keeps you moving, it keeps you interacting with others and laughing (which burns a lot of calories btw!).  So get out of your comfort bubble and meet someone new.


go site Drive/ travel smart

Drinking and driving is NEVER a good idea.  We all know this.  But it’s good to plan ahead and take a Lyft, Uber or cab whenever possible.  Because even if you only plan to have one of two drinks, you never know….and it’s better to be safe than sorry!


lopinavir online store Have fun

Don’t take any of these tips too seriously.  Have fun, that’s what holiday parties are all about.  Just try to think about your decisions and make the best ones possible.  Stick with protein and veggie options when possible and have a little bit of that one thing you absolutely love.  Deprivation NEVER goes over well!


No matter what your social schedule looks like coming up, with these tips, you’re sure to approach them a positive, prepared mindset.  And with all of the merriment, there are bound to be frustrating moments.  Whether its with a friend or family member….just be open and forgiving…the holidays are about spreading love and acceptance.  Always.


XO Katrina

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