ClassPass Bomb Drop


I love ClassPass.  I have been a member for years now….and I have stuck with them through good times and bad.  The good times, the good-ole-days when an unlimited membership was only $99…..AND the bad times when they raised their prices on all of us TWICE. I stuck with them through it all…I wasn’t happy about the price changes, but I also understand a businesses’ need to do this to make a profit.

And at the end of the day, it was still a good deal for me, given how many group fitness classes I attend…even after that last price jump that shocked the fitness community.

That last price jump in April 2016 lost ClassPass a lot of their members.  People jumped ship, partially because they were angry and partly because it made the membership way less affordable to all of us.  I stuck with them though, because I love how CP has allowed me to discover fitness studios I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.  And it was getting me out to so many different classes-my fitness routine has never been so varied and I love it!

But this morning, I woke up to see a troubling email in my inbox.

From ClassPass.

About membership.

I got nervous, because I knew it probably wasn’t going to be good news….and I was right.  It wasn’t good news.

ClassPass is discontinuing their “Unlimited Membership” option, which allows members to go to an unlimited number of classes for a set price each month (for me in Los Angeles, that price was $175, some cities were more and some were a little less).  


BUTTTT, I have to say I am not too surprised by this, to be honest….

I don’t like it, but I am not surprised.


I read this article about a month ago, which talks about the ClassPass business model and how they need to evolve to finally make more than they spend (which is the goal of every business of course).

Basically, CP pays fitness studios for every single class you take….so the more classes you take (the more you take advantage of your membership) the more the company loses.  So people like me, who go to a lot of classes, have been causing ClassPass to lose more money than they rake in each month from members.

You workout more, ClassPass loses more money. SO, that sucks. And it sort of makes me understand why they would want to get rid of the unlimited option, BUT at the same time I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t factor all of this into their business plan?

It sort of sounds like they didn’t really have much of a plan…because constantly raising prices and taking things away from loyal members isn’t smart….and isn’t the way to build and expand business, in my opinion.

Which leads me to wonder this : How long will ClassPass last now?  I feel like it’s only a matter of time until the whole thing goes under, because they clearly aren’t making enough to keep their heads above water.  Maybe this new decision will help the company…I’m sure they feel it will!  But will enough people stick around to find out?  That, I’m not sure of.

I really do hope that something gets figured out though, because….again…I LOVE ClassPass….and I really don’t want to work out in a world without it.

But I might have to, we all might have to.

The Core Membership is what we will all be reduced to: which gives you 10 classes a month for $135 in NYC and $115 in LA.  For those who already have an unlimited membership, they will give us an additional 10 classes per month for the first three months after the switch….which is great, but I don’t know if it is enough.

 The official switch happens in December.  So what will you do?


XO Katrina

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