Be A Bad Ass With A Good Ass


kaletra online store I love activewear- I probably own more “athleisure clothes” than I do normal people clothes….like no joke.

go to link I love the classic black pant and top, BUT I’m also a huge fan of the edgy crop of activewear designs that are popping up in so many lines.  These designs look bad ass- so as you are working your ass, you’re also looking super hot and…dare I say dangerous?  Like secret assassin on a mission type of bad ass.

buy z pack online My favorite styles of this look involve “leather” accents (not real leather of course), stars, cutouts, mesh, zippers, and super cool interesting materials.  I rounded up my favorite workout pants that have that edgy, bad-ass cool factor but are also great for working out.  You can go seamlessly from a pilates class or boxing class to brunch, looking cool and chic….and sort of like an edgy super hero.

follow link I also included two of my FAV sports bras to mix in to get that look on top too!  One in a marble design, because that is so on trend at the moment…and one in a neutral grey with black stars.  Stars are everywhere- they definitely add a cool-chic factor to any look

kaletra 2 doses Click below to find out the deets on all of these bad-ass edgy workout pieces.

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From top, counterclockwise:

XO Katrina

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