The Best & Worst Halloween Candy


here Let’s face it- we will all eat candy on/around/after Halloween. At literally everywhere and will be for the next week of more! Especially if you are handing candy out to Trick or Treaters…there are bound to be leftovers hanging around AND if you have kids…..forget it, you’ll be up to your knees in candy! And it’s tempting…right? I know it is for me! Those little bite size “fun size” treats just seem so small and harmless…but it all adds up, that’s for sure.
So I did a little digging to find out what the best and worst Halloween candies are-calorie/fat wise…which ones will set you back the least.

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here The good news is, if you eat Halloween candy in moderation, it shouldn’t do much damage, but it is good to know what your adding to your daily calorie count.  Just because they are small doesn’t mean they don’t count!

see z packs online Ok let’s start with…..

enter The Best

kaletra price Lollipops– dum dums(only 26 cals) Tootsie Pops, Blow Pops are all 60 calories and under, so they won’t set you back much.

follow York Peppermint Patties– only 50 calories for the snack size

Starburst– only 20 cals each, so have a few!

Hershey kisses– only 22 cals each!

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate– even though these are 88 calories a piece, they are solid dark chocolate, which is always a safe choice in moderation!

Twizlers– 2 will get you to 100 calories, so if these are your jam, that’s good news!

Mini candy bars– the tiny ones, not “fun” size of Milky Way, snickers, butterfinger, baby Ruth and the tiny Reese’s are all about 25 calories a piece.

Crunch Bar, fun size- this one is only 60 calories a bar.

M&Ms– the regular snack size is only 70 calories per little bag.

Sour Patch Kids mini bag- 50 calories

Dots mini box comes in at 70 calories


follow The Worst

Any fun size chocolate candy bar (except the crunch bar)

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – these have 105 calories for the classic cup and 180 for the Halloween pumpkin cup and 11g of fat. Not worth it- have two or three minis and call it a day!

Twix-fun size is 125 calories, not the worst, but pretty high in calories for the size

KitKat– the snack size is 210 calories which is a lot for such a little thing!

Mounds and Almond Joy– these come in at 80 calories a pop for the little guys BUT half the calories come from fat, so skip these

Handful of candy corn– 19 pieces are 140 calories and I bet a handful is more than 19 pieces



Sooo…even the “worst” aren’t terrible, since the sizes are so small….so moderation is key!


Have a Happy & Healthy Halloween!


XO Katrina


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