The Product Always in My Bag


I have been traveling for the past week- first to the East Coast (NYC and NJ) for the holiday weekend and now I am in Austin, Texas for a few days for a photoshoot….more on that coming soon!

I wanted to pop on here and share one of my favorite products with you- a product I never travel without.  It is always in my bag.  It’s one of those items that I use for so many things…it’s a fix-all!

Lucas PaPaw Ointment.  It’s Australian.  I discovered it from makeup artists years ago, back when you could only buy it in Australia or online from AUS sites (and it always took weeks to ship out!)

But now, you an buy it in many drugstores and super easily online.  YAY!

I use it as a lip balm, on my hands, cuticles, to groom my eyebrows, on insect bites to take away the itch, and to fix any dry spots I have on my face and body.  I especially love this when traveling because it really does fight the dryness that usually goes hand-in-hand with air travel.  I’m also a huge fan of using one product for multiple purposes- the less stuff I have to have with me , the better.


It is made of pure Australian Papaya- yes the fruit!  It is all natural, which I love- no yucky chemicals in this to worry about!

It really is a little miracle in a bottle and the perfect travel companion!

Buy it here

OK, back to my photoshoot!

XO Katrina


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