HIIT Workouts and Nike Metcons


kaletra 400/100 If you are like most people, you probably workout in the same single pair of shoes- you run in them, you do group fitness classes in them, you lift weights in them.  And like everyone else who is doing this- you are doing it wrong.

follow url Athletic shoes are very high tech these days- they are designed for very specific activities, and even for specific types of people: you can get running shoes that correct your foot strike and form (so cool!)


kaletra buy Running shoes are meant for running.  They are specifically designed to absorb the shock of constantly pounding the pavement for many many miles.  They also have a shelf life based on miles ran, so they don’t last forever either.  Running shoes have a mushy feeling, which is great for runs, but not great for other workouts like HIIT classes, crossfit, weight lifting and boxing/kickboxing.  Their softness will make your footing less stable when doing floor activities, which could lead to a rolled ankle at worst, and bad squat technique at best.

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Kaletra Without Prescriptions I do a lot of HIIT classes.  I love them.  They are my favorite way to get an insane workout, targeting my full body, and be in and out in an hour flat.  I used to do all my classes in my running shoes (simply because I had so many of them left over from all my marathon training).  I would use my “old” running shoes for classes- and I knew this wasn’t the best idea, but I also thought “how much better can a specific shoe be for this stuff?!”

Well…I discovered just how much better a special training shoe can be- and they are absolutely fucking fantastic.

http://restivos.com/?kaletra=ritonavir-coronavirus-buy-uk I got a pair of Nike Metcon 2′s as an early birthday present- early because I asked for them but didn’t want to wait for September 19th, so I urged my hubs to hand em over sooner 🙂

see nikemetconshoes

I have been using them in classed for the past 2 weeks and I am in love.  Can you be in love with a shoe?  Will this make Ben jealous?  I don’t know, but I know what I am feeling.  And it’s strong.  These shoes are the bomb.

I thought they would be amazing for workouts doing all floor work, rowing, using weights etc…BUT I was happily surprised to find out they are also pretty damn great for running!  I would never take these on a long run- anything over…say 3 miles…but they are great for treadmill intervals, sprints and those “two laps around the block” warmup runs some classes inflict upon you.  They have enough stability and feel really great when I am running, but they also make my form during the rest of class much better.


If you have never tried a specific shoe for a a specific type of workout- I highly recommend.  I use these for crossfit classes, HIIT classes, Barry’s bootcamp, Training Mate, etc.  And the fact that they are super cute doesn’t hurt either!  I love the color I got, and I am super impressed with the styles they have in this shoe.  I want like 5 different ones!

You can also design your own- whatever color combo you want, for just a little bit more- $40 to be exact.  Pretty cool.

Here are some of my favorite colors/styles for the Nike Metcon 2 for your shopping pleasure- some are on sale too!


XO Katrina



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