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is kaletra available in india I love being surrounded by what I call “fit minded friends”. I have my normal friends, and then I have my fitness friends…sometimes the groups over lap, but oddly enough…they are two different groups of people and I love them all dearly. BUT I will say that my fitness, fit-minded friends definitely keep me motivated and I love our relationships because it goes deeper than just being friends. We are friends who can sweat together, hike together, motivate each other to be better…and they all give me body motivation…its a very “healthy” relationship.

generic kaletra pills I can always count on them to choose a healthy restaurant option, but still throw back a few cocktails on the weekend. We can commiserate about our sore legs from a killer workout, discuss favorite running shoes, and socialize in a healthy environment. Being able to do this does wonders for my life balance: combining my social life with my healthy lifestyle.  It’s a perfect thing!

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Having health-conscious, fit-minded friends can really up the ante on your personal motivation and self confidence as well.  So chat up that other fit chic you always see in your spinning class…if you have friends who you can meet up with for a class, you’re way more likely to actually get up and go! This especially helps me when it comes to my running training. I make plans with my friends to meet for a run either on the weekend or after work hours on a weekday and it always gets me out the door. We can spend the whole time chatting and catching up and the time just flies by!  Next thing we know, we’ve just run 6 miles and had the best time doing it. Running with friends helped me train for both marathons- if I hadn’t logged my long weekend training runs with a group of friends, it would have been WAY more difficult to get through…and less fun.  It’s a great thing to rely on others in this sense- its brings you closer together and you then gain a support system you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

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Another thing that is so great to do: workout with your significant other.  Not only will you be burning calories and toning your bods together- you are also sharing an experience that is pretty intimate and fun…it shakes things up from the standard dinner and a movie date night.

Ben and I love to workout as a pair because its just another way we can spend time together, while also doing something healthy and active.  We are also both pretty competitive, so we constantly push each other to be better- and I can never let him win! Ha! So rally some friends to workout with you, or reach out and make some new friends at your gym or fitness studio- you at least know you have one thing already in common!


OH and I recently gave all of my best race training tips to the great people behind all of the Tough Mudder races- check out those tips in this article!

XO Katrina

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