Gluten Free Diet Conclusion


lopinavir coronavirus covid 19 So it’s been over a month since I went gluten free…I extended it a little just because I was having a pretty easy time with it so I figured why not! AND…I had something specific I wanted to eat to break the “diet”…..

go to site To break the gluten fast, I had something decadent. Something I was waiting for- something I wouldn’t get out in California because they just aren’t good there. I got a fluffy, soft, too-good-for-words New York City bagel. A plain bagel to keep it simple. Bagels here are huge! So I only ate 3/4 of it because it was just too much to handle.  And oh man, it was so good.  I missed NYC bagels- I think the last one I ate was last year during marathon training!

I ate and then I waited.  Waited nervously for something to happen inside, expecting the worst.  I didn’t eat anything after it for 4 hours to get a true gauge on how my body was reacting to it….and the outcome was sort of so-so….pretty painless actually! Nothing crazy happened. I’m definitely not super affected by gluten- no stomach aches, no major inflammation and discomfort. I just felt pretty full and sluggish after it.  I also felt hungry again only a few hours later, which was not good considering how high calorie that damn bagel was!  Simple carbs don’t satisfy and keep you full for as long as a meal filled with protein and fiber…even though the calories in simple carbs can often be more than the satisfying, healthier alternative. If you are going to eat something, it’s best to eat something that is doing good for your body, to get a lot of bang for your buck- calorically speaking. And refined gluten products just don’t cut it, in my opinion.

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lopinavir buy Gluten is definitely a known allergen, and people’s reactions to allergens change every now and then, so it’s important to be aware of how certain foods affect your body.  But in this case, I’m not convinced I have to cut out gluten for better digestion.

lopinavir pills But that being said, while I was off gluten, I felt a little lighter- my digestion was a lot easier and I had very few stomach issues this whole month that I ate this way. And that’s nothing to ignore.

follow I’m not going gluten free for good, because I just don’t think I have to, and I really do love bread every now and then…but I will definitely eat less of it. The more natural, unprocessed foods in your diet the better, and a loaf of bread, whether white or whole wheat has never been found growing naturally in the wild.  

enter site OH and I discovered my new favorite thing whole off of gluten: Trader Joes Gluten Free Pretzels!  WAY crunchier than the classic wheat version, and I am sort of obsessed!  I will be buying these instead for now on!

If you are on the fence about gluten, give this little elimination diet a try- you may be surprised what you find out!  AND, it could solve a lot of your digestive woes!

XO Katrina

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