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how to take kaletra I love a little boost.  Sometimes I wake up full of energy and some days it takes so much effort just to get going- you know those days when coffee doesn’t even do the trick??  Yea, those days are sort of the worst.

When I feel this way, it makes getting my ass up and to a workout or just up and ready to tackle the day so much harder- its like everything inside of my body is screaming “NO GIRL!”  But…. my brain knows deep down that I’ll be disappointed later for taking the lazy route.  We have all been there- we are human, it’s totally normal. When this feeling hits, I know that it’s usually something a that a little energy boost can totally fix.  I have tried SO many energy drinks and pre workout performance drinks, and some of them work really well!  But I like to keep it natural if I can, which is why I rely on this Energy Elixir.  It’s pretty simple- its a juice that I make in my blender.  You know I love to blend my juices!  Although, if you have a juicer- use it, it’ll take out a few steps of the process!

lopinavir buy It’s made up of clean ingredients- many of which you probably already have at home- and really does give me a little pep in my step.  And it’s full of nutrients so you will just feel amazing immediately knowing you are putting natural, healthy things into your body.  And it tastes amazing.  Even Ben likes it, and he’s not a fan of things that taste “healthy”.


lopinavir brand name There’s something about the combo of ingredients that make this elixir taste great AND give me the energy I need to keep going.  Apple, ginger, carrots, lemon….all the makings of a perfect energy drink.

There is a balanced ratio of natural sugars and fiber, but it is still low calorie and low sugar enough that it won’t cause a super high blood sugar spike (and the inevitable, dreaded blood sugar crash!)

ritonavir tablets I make this in my Vitamix Blender (I am seriously obsessed with this thing you guys) and I strain out the pulp with a metal mesh strainer and wooden spoon to make it a smooth juice.  You don’t have to strain it, you can drink the pulp and get a few extra nutrients, but I tend to like this one smoother and low pulp.


Magic Energy Elixer



1 Apple (I use Fuji because they are my fav, but you can use any you prefer!)

2 Carrots

Juice of 1 lemon (fresh!)

1/2 inch ginger root

2 Celery Sticks

1/4 cup of cold water



Roughly chop the apple, carrots, celery and ginger root so they are no longer whole, huge pieces.  Put them all in the blender and blend slowly until all broken up.  The water will help get everything going.  Once the mixture sort of looks like apple sauce, strain the concoction through a metal mesh strainer into a glass.  Stir and enjoy!


XO Katrina


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