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Lets talk about brows.

Everyone is loving on them- they have been having a major moment the past few years, and for good reason.  Your arches really accentuate your bone structure and bring out your other features, especially your eyes.

I am not naturally blessed with full, thick brows (so sad).  Instead they are on the skinnier side, which was fine in the early 2000’s but they just ain’t cutting it today.  I rely on a few specific products to achieve a fuller, more defined brow.  These arch helpers are my favorites- I seriously couldn’t live without them!  I mean I could live, but I prefer to live a life with pretty arches, so I use them 😉

Anastasia Beverly Hills makes my favorite brow pencil- the Brow Wiz.  These pencils have a soft super thin tip that allows you to fill in your brows with small, hair-like strokes so it looks super natural.  I am personally not a fan of the super obvious, boxy drawn on brows  (I also feel like I see these way too often now, is it just me?!?)….so this pencil is perfect for me.  They have a great range of natural colors- I use soft brown.

I also love the Bobbi Brown Brow Kit.  Each kit comes with two shades of brow powder: one a little lighter than the other so you can really create the perfect shade blend.  It also comes with a cute little angled brush, the teeniest tweezers ever and a mirror so you can see what you’re doing.  Love this compact-its everything in one!


I also use a Brow Gel, also by Anastasia Beverly Hills.  My brow hairs tend to go all over the place, shooting in all directions, and never sit how I want them to…SO I rely on this gel to glue them in position.  The perfect weapon to use on unruly brows like mine!  Even if I have no other makeup on, I’ll still brush on some of this gel so my arches are groomed and in place.  It immediately makes my whole appearance look more put together.


Another love of mine is Gimme Brow by Benefit– I keep this in my bag because its great for fast touch ups any time of the day.  Its a soft fiber gel that adds color to your brow along with a lot of fullness.  A simple sweep mid-day will keep your brows looking full and in place. Easy!

Shop my favorites below- stock up on the essentials, prep your arsenal…because I have a FAB brow tutorial coming very soon with my favorite makeup artist/brow guru ♥

XO Katrina

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