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Here’s a sad little secret: your workout could be sabotaging your hair.


Ponytails are a savior.  They save us from bad hair days, they keep hair out of our eyes during a sweat sesh, and they are an easy way to change up our look.  Most of us use hair ties for ponytails, and have been using them since before we can remember…but is that little hair band you reach for ruining your mane?



Hair bands can cause hair breakage-especially if you tie your pony tail in the same place on your head every single time.  I try to change up the location of my ponytail: some days I do a low loose pony and other days I’ll do a high one so I’m not constantly putting the stress on the same part of my hair day after day.  But the type of hair tie you use is also crucial…..

I’ll say it right now- locate all of the hair ties you own that have that little metal clasp on them and toss them out immediately, burn them, whatever….just get rid of them. Bye!  Those sneaky little metals bits wreak havoc on your hair, breaking your strands every single time you use them.

Those skinny little black ones we all have are not the best either…but I won’t make you toss all of those right away.  They aren’t the best, but they aren’t the worst either.  As long as you don’t tie them too tight, you should be OK using them very now and then in a pinch.


In order to keep your hair healthy and breakage-free, I would recommend a complete hair tie overhaul.

When I workout, I use fabric hair ties mostly.  Emi-Jay makes my favorite ones.  They stay put, keep my hair in place and don’t damage my hair in the process.  Fabric ties slide out super easy too and don’t bring half your head of hair with them. They come in a great range of colors too- from natural hair colored ties to fun bright colors.

I like the neutral brown, blonde and black ones for every day wear when I am not working out- they look clean and chic.


Another great option is the InvisiBobble.  This is a cord-band that won’t crimp your hair or cause damage.  This one is perfect for those times when you don’t want to mess up you ‘do because it will fight that dreaded ponytail crimp.

And, another I use often (usually for more low-impact activities like pilates) is the classic claw clip.  It just never fails.  I twist my hair back in a low bun, clip it and done!  As long as I am not doing too much jumping or running, the clip keeps my hair in place and I can just unclip, fluff and go post-workout.


Shop all of my favorites for a healthy, safe ponytail below.

XO Katrina


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