Gluten-Free Diet Check-In


lopinavir mexico It’s been almost 2 weeks since I decided to go gluten free for the sake of testing it out on my body.

azithromycin generic First of all- it’s been pretty damn easy for me. Granted, like I said in my first post, I don’t eat much gluten anyway so cutting it out completely isn’t too much of a grueling task.

watch kaletra buy uk What have I had to cut out?

get link Pretzels…and no sneaking bites of Bens sandwich or getting toast with my omelette at brunch. I also decided to forego pre-made salad dressings (so many contain gluten so it’s just better to be safe and make your own). I’ll ask for olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and some plain balsamic vinegar and put it on my salad instead.  This is super simple, clean and really tasty anyway, so no big deal there!

lopinavir ritonavir side effects Also- soy sauce! I love sushi and we get it at least once or twice a week and some restaurants don’t carry gluten free soy sauce so that’s been a little bumpy.  But for the most part it has been easy peasy.

kaletra covid 19 dosing glutenfree2

lopinavir coronavirus online store glutenfree1 Do I feel any different?

A little. Nothing crazy but just a little. I think I need a little more time to really figure it all out. I notice that my stomach gets a little less bloated day to day, which means less discomfort after eating. I like eating this way.  I think the real test will be eating gluten again once this month of gluten elimination is complete.  As with any allergy or sensitivity, it takes cutting the thing in question out and then re-introducing it to see how your body reacts.  I have done this all the time with face products (super sensitive skin over here!) and I trust this method.  It’s annoying, but it works.


So in a little over two weeks from now, I will indulge in a bowl of pasta or yummy bagel then wait and see that happens.  I’m not so secretly very excited for this! HA! Mostly just to eat the pasta or bagel, BUT ALSO because I’m pretty certain I’ll get my answer with that test.

Any one else thinking of cutting out Gluten?  Already doing it?  Any changes?

XO Katrina


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