Fruit Cups For Adults


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follow I love snacks.  I rarely go a day without a snack or two- and when I don’t get my snack I usually get a little grumpy….I believe “hangry” is the term used frequently- Ben certainly knows about those moments I have (sorry babe!)  But I don’t just snack on anything.  I am specific about what snacks I choose, and I choose wisely.

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I am always on the look out for a healthy, easy snack- something that is:

kaletra covid 19 Healthy

ritonavir coronavirus buy uk REAL (not processed junk with tons of additives)

ritonavir buy uk Satisfying & Delicious

lopinavir coronavirus tablets Portable, because I am busy and I often don’t have time to make a snack mid day or post-workout. Calorically in check– something low calorie, because a snack shouldn’t be the same calories as a meal!

Fruit is a favorite snack of mine, but lets be honest- a single whole piece of fruit sometimes just doesn’t cut it.

I recently discovered a brand new fruit cup made for adults- Fruit Refreshers by Del Monte.  They sent me some samples to try, and I loved them.  This ain’t your lunch box fruit cup my loves, but it does bring back that childhood nostalgia, which I’m really into.  These fruit cups have yummy chunks of either pineapple or mandarin oranges…all in real fruit water or coconut water.  My personal favorite flavor is the mandarin orange- it’s in coconut water and only 100 calories a cup, which is amazing because I like to keep my snacks low calorie (no more than about 100-200 calories).



I also learned that these fruit cups don’t have any high fructose corn syrup, or any syrup for that matter- they are in fruit water and coconut water, and they are non GMO.  No artificial flavors or sweeteners here!  These fruit refreshers work for me because they are sort of the perfect fruity pick me up for post workout or during that 3pm slump I know tends to hit me between lunch and dinner!  I love these after a tough cardio workout at Barry’s Bootcamp or Flywheel…or on a hike because it is small and easy to bring with me.


The portability of a snack is important to me- the easier it is the grab and go, the more likely I am to make a healthy choice.  And to be honest,  I often just don’t have enough time to do a lot of prep work.  We are all busy, so finding something that easily fits into your healthy routine is important because you’re more likely to stick with it and keep making healthy choices every day.

So remember, when it comes to snacking, snack smart and choose something healthy, low calorie and free of processed junk- your body will thank you for it!

Check out more about Del Monte’s new Fruit Refreshers here.

XO Katrina

This post is sponsored by Del Monte as part of my partnership with the brand

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