Double Workouts


buy z pack The double workout. The two-a-days. Twice a day training. Whatever your fav term for them is- there’s a lot of talk about the double workout. Two workouts in one day.
Some of you may think this is crazy- and I guess it sort of is in some ways- but for my fellow fitness fanatics, this probably isn’t such an outlandish thing. In fact, many of you may partake in two-a-days! I know I do.

follow link get link But is it safe? And will it get you results faster?

kaletra hpv It depends. On a few different things.

click here Doing a double workout could leave you completely drained, worn out, super hungry etc…so if weight loss is your goal, it may not be the best thing. For a weight loss plan, it’s better to focus on solid workouts and a super clean eating routine. If you log multiple workouts a day, you’ll feel way hungrier and more tired- which could lead you down a wrong path.  A path where you feel tired & ravenous and end up eating anything you can get your hands on.  Never a cute look.

lopinavir ritonavir duration If you do two super intense workouts in one day, you are more likely to wear yourself out completely and more likely to get injured- NO good.  You certainly won’t see results if you wind up injured and parked on your sofa!
You need to make sure your energy levels are in check. Don’t log a second workout if you already feel drained from an earlier one.

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All that being said- if you do it right, a double workout can be a great way to see results quickly. Many actors rely on double workouts to prep for a role when they only have a few weeks to get in tip top shape.

If you are going to do a double workout, you need to approach it correctly. The workouts need to complement each other, and both shouldn’t be balls-to-the-walls insane either.  A good way to balance a double is to do one cardio or high intensity class followed later in the day by something lighter like Pilates, a light hike, Barre or yoga. Something that won’t leave you an out of breath red faced sweaty mess- you know what I mean.


When my schedule allows, I love to do a double.  Sometimes I’ll do one class immediately after another like a spin class at Flywheel followed by a Flybarre class. The two classes complement each other so well because one is cardio and the other focuses on strengthening.

Other days, if I am feeling super great, I will do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) class, a treadmill class a la Barry’s Bootcamp OR go for a run in the morning and then head to a challenging pilates reformer class later in the day or go for a hike.


I do doubles with hiking very often now that I like in LA.  I workout in the morning and then go on a hike with Ben sometime around 6-6:30.  Its a great time for us to talk, catch up, hash out things that have been on our minds….AND this is when we see incredible sunsets, so the hikes never disappoint.  And when you do something active in this fashion it doesn’t feel like a workout, which is a total plus.

When I do a double, I also make sure I eat enough to fuel my body well.  That doesn’t mean I will eat a whole second lunch though!  I will add a second protein shake like my Blueberry Cobbler Smoothie to the mix or I will have another snack like sliced apple with almond butter or a couple hardboiled eggs….something clean, healthy, packed with protein and sure to give me an energy boost.

So if you are thinking of logging a double- do it the safe way and pay attention to your body.

Happy Fitness!

XO Katrina

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