Total Game Changer: The Fitness Tracker


It all happened for me a few years ago-a life changing event. An obsession. I discovered something that I literally can not live with out. Almost can’t-live-without- worthy as my phone, which is pretty insane I know.

::: The Fitness Tracker :::


The first one I got was the Fitbit one, which I still have and use on certain days for specific reasons-I’ll get into in a sec. Then I upgraded to the Fitbit HR Charge about 2 years ago and the obsession and need grew.

Ok so what exactly am I SO damn obsessed with? Fitness tracking, and specifically now, heart rate tracking. Counting my steps per day, stairs per day, miles per day, creaming my family members (or trying to) who also have the fitness tracker ((you can add “friends” on the app and compete with them for most steps etc- and if you know me you know I literally live and die for competition, so the Fitbit app just gets me.)) There are added benefits as well of course that Mobile Mob have covered in their posts.



So as for that first generation Fitbit I still use- I use it almost daily for whenever I don’t want to strap the HR version on my wrist. Even though I usually don’t mind having it on my wrist, there are those moments where it just doesn’t go, you know?

So when I’m going out to an event or when I am working on set, I just skip the little Fitbit one into my bra or a little pocket in my jeans- and the app makes it easy to switch between using as many trackers as you have, which I think it great and super convenient. Fitbit has a newer version that is a little sleeker and smaller- it can easily blend into a stack of bracelets and go undetected. So if you’re not too hot on wearing a fitness tracker bracelet all day for fashion reasons (totally get it) the Alta may be perfect for you!



I also like the Charge HR and Alta because they alert you when you are getting a phone call- which is a pretty cool feature and comes in handy more than I thought it would!

One of my good friends swears by her Apple Watch Sport…its a bit pricier than the fitbit family of products but it also does a lot more…so if you want a fitness tracker that also doubles as a cute watch that you can text off of etc (basically most things you can do on your iPhone) then go for this one!! It’s more of an investment but you get a lot of bang for your buck!


Either way you go- a fitness tracker can help you achieve your fitness goals because it keeps you aware of your physical activity. If you realize you step count is low, you may be more apt to take the stairs or walk instead of driving…and at the end of the day, the key to weight loss and weight management is calories in vs calories out. Plain and simple!

Here are the trackers I talked about below!


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XO Katrina
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2 Responses
  • Charlie
    July 14, 2016

    Hello Katrina! Have you ever tried the vivofit by Garmin?
    its pretty cool also.

    • Katrina Bowden
      July 15, 2016

      I have not! I have a Garmin Forerunner that I use for running. What do you like about the vivofit?

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