Killer Three-Move Plank Series


I love planks.  I mean, sometimes I hate them, but I love them.  They really work.  As far as sculpting and tightening your core all the way around, there are few moves that works as well as the good old fashioned plank.  There are so many plank variations that focus of different parts of your core too- so you are sure to hit it from all angles with a plank.  And BEST of all, you can do them almost anywhere!!  Just use your good judgement 😉

I’ve been taking a lot of Pilates classes recently and we do A LOT of planks in class on the reformer. Like sore for days A LOT. I love that sore feeling though- I chase it. It means I really worked the muscles and you can’t change your body and see results without really working your muscles hard. I don’t have a reformer at home, I mean who does? But, like I said, you can do planks basically anywhere, so I do challenging plank moves at home or when traveling- they can be done sans reformer on the ground that work your corse just as well.

Here are my three favorites to form a nice little plank series sure to get your sides burning…burning so good.

Do-Anywhere Plank Series

Start out by holding each plank, on each side if alternating sides, for 30 seconds.  Do the whole series (both sides included) three times through.  If 30 seconds is easy, bump it up to 45 seconds or 1 minute.  I do each hold for 1 minute, and it is tough…but no one ever said this was easy!  Chase the burn, chase the challenge!

Front Plank with Hip Dips

While staying in control and staying tight, rock your hips from side to side.  This engages your entire core and fires up your obliques, which will also prepare you for the next two moves!


Side Plank with Leg lift

Engage your core to take the stress out of your shoulder.  Lifting your leg also gives you a little butt workout at the same time!  Do both sides


Side Plank with Arm Twist

This ones is a particular favorite of mine!  Keep your abs engaged and without sacrificing form, slowly circle your arm underneath you and “twist” your abs.  This really gets at the deep oblique muscles- I am always so sore after this!  Do both sides.


Consistency is key- the more you do this series or any of these planks, the better you will get at it and the longer you will be able to hold the positions.

I’m on my way to NYC right now for a quick work trip!  Looking forward to a fun few days in my old home city!

Happy Planking!

XO Katrina

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