Juice Cleanses


Confession:  I have never completed a juice cleanse without cheating.  Ever.

Whether it was ending it a day too soon, caving in to a cup of coffee (or three) or sneaking a solid food snack (or two)…I can honestly admit that I have never been able to complete a “cleanse” without breaking a rule (or a lot)!

Now, I pride myself in being a regimented person, someone with a lot of self control…but man, when it comes to cleansing, I am weak.

generic kaletra buy uk If you have ever done a juice cleanse, you know it is challenging.  For me, I mostly just miss the act of chewing solid foods…and I start craving things simply because I am not allowed, for whatever span of days I am committing to a cleanse, to have said things I am craving.  And Coffee. COFFEE.  It is hard to cut it out…it just doesn’t feel like morning without having a hot cup of coffee while sitting on my couch.

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So other than failing at completing the cleanses without “cheating” (and I hate failing at anything!) it also ends up feeling like a waste of money.  Juice cleanses are not cheap, so if you commit to one, you want to see it through because if you don’t you’re not getting your moneys worth out of it, right?

I do want to complete a juice cleanse in its entirety, mostly just to prove I can do it, but also to find out once and for all if they really do “cleanse” and reset the body like many claim.  Even though I have tried them, I have always been a little skeptical about whether they are all their chalked up to be…and I know the general thought is split on the topic.  Some people think they are great and really help cleanse, balance alkaline in your body, and lead to a cleaner-functioning digestive system.  Others think it it a waste of time and you can do the same thing by changing your eating habits.   http://restivos.com/?kaletra=kaletra-covid-19-tablets Maybe both are right.  I mean, I know that you can really do a lot to your internal system just by changing your eating habits- including cleansing and balancing…but can a juice cleanse give your body that jump start it needs?  It certainly could!


The few times I have stuck with the cleanse without quitting early, I definitely had some interesting things happen.  My body really started to “clean house” if you know what I mean.  And after day one, I didn’t really feel hungry….I wanted to eat real food, but I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t feel deprived of nutrients.  I did experience head aches though- probably brought on by cutting out caffeine and consuming fewer calories than normal.

The pros:  I did always feel lighter, my stomach felt flatter and I had a decent amount of energy.

Now- For Weight Loss Reasons…

I don’t think weight loss should be the reason to do a juice cleanse.  You may drop a couple pounds on a juice cleanse, but in most cases everyone always gains these back because it is not fat loss, its weight loss through elimination of solid foods and build up in your intestines (gross I know, but the truth isn’t always pretty!)

If weight loss is your goal, a juice cleanse can be a good jump start, but not a quick fix.   http://fitkatbykatrinabowden.com/?ka=lopinavir-and-ritonavir-maker There is no quick fix– you have to be willing to do an overhaul and adopt a healthy lifestyle for the long term to change your body and health.

The cleanses I have tried are BluePrint Cleanse and the Master Cleanse (this one was WAY more difficult to me!)…but I may want to branch out and give another a good ole try in order to get to the bottom of what I really, truly think about them.

Have you tried a juice cleanse?  Which one?  What did you think?  I want to know everything!!!!

Have a beautiful weekend!

XO Katrina


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