Dark Chocolate Dipped Watermelon: Healthy Summer Dessert


Happy 4th of July!!  I hope you are all busy enjoying the sun, sand and delicious BBQ- or whatever else your long weekend plans have served up for you!

In case you are looking for a healthy treat amongst all of the indulgent foods, I thought I would share my FAV summer dessert.  It is my favorite because not only is it delicious, its also healthy and it pretty much satisfies every craving that hits me: sweet, juicy and salty. YUM

Watermelon: what is summer without it??  Even Beyonce is drankin it, so you know its a must have. ALSO- fun fact: July is National Watermelon Month…so you basically have to make this recipe for the sake of July.



It is naturally sweet and juicy, which makes our taste buds tingle, but it is also very hydrating and full of vitamins that keeps your body functioning well especially in the high heat of summer days.  In fact, they are about 92% water, so its a perfect thing to eat at the beach or an outdoor BBQ on a hot day.

Watermelon is also full or lycopene, which has been shown to ward off cancer and heart disease, and Vitamin C, which is great for your immune system, hair, skin and nails.

So what is better than a slice of watermelon?  What about a slice of watermelon dipped in antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt??? :::mic drop:::


I mean….sweet, crunchy, juicy, and a tiny bit salty?!?  Flavor explosion in your mouth.

Aside from being an amazing, delicious treat…. dipping the nutritious watermelon in dark chocolate will up your health scale by a lot- dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants that have been said to prevent heart disease and may improve brain function.  So you can eat this treat knowing that it is actually good for you too.

Make these all summer long for a refreshing, healthy treat that seriously EVERYONE will love!


Watermelon Chocolate Bites


1 Watermelon, cut into 4 wedges and then sliced into classic small triangle slices

Dark Chocolate 72%-85% dark

Coarse Sea Salt

Wax Paper


Melt the dark chocolate slowly in a double boiler, or in a metal bowl over a small sauce pan filled with boiling water.  Click here is you don’t know how to do this!

Make sure not to burn the chocolate!! Lay out a large piece of wax paper.  Once all chocolate is just melted and cooled just a little, hold the watermelon on the rind side and dip the tips one by one into the chocolate and carefully lay them on the wax paper to cool.  Once all slices are dipped, sprinkle sea salt delicately over the wet chocolate (using too much will make this too salty).  The goal with the sea salt it so bring out the sweetness of the fruit and savory aspects of the chocolate.  Mixing salty with sweet brings out flavor, but make sure to use a light hand!

Pop the watermelon in the fridge for 20-30 mins to cool and let the chocolate set.  Then you are done!  Place them out and watch them disappear!


Enjoy the rest of the holiday!  Lets get back to our fitness come Tuesday morning!

XO Katrina


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    July 21, 2016

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