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1 The Lingering Effects of an Injury | Fit Kat by Katrina Bowden

The Lingering Effects of an Injury


There is nothing worse than getting injured, for so many reasons obviously….but especially so for those who lead very active lifestyles. It can often mean that you have to abstain from all activities until the injury is healed….or at least scale back. When I broke my leg in November, I was devastated…for more reasons than one. I had gone from intense marathon training to ZERO physical activity, unless it involved my crutches (which to be honest, ended up being quite a workout through the streets of New York City!) I was in pain, it was hard to get around or do anything on my own and I couldn’t get any exercise…which to me was like the end of the freaking world. Like slow death laying on my couch… goodbye, life is over. Of course, I did make the most of it- got a lot of reading done and lifted small dumbbells from my perch on the sofa- but it pretty much sucked.

I got through it though and about 7 weeks later I was walking…and then a couple weeks after that I slowly got back into a workout routine. I had a lot of strength to rebuild and a lot of work to do with my Roanoke physical therapist….but I sort of cut the Physical Therapy sessions short because I had to go out to LA for work for a few months before our big move. If I could turn back time, I would make sure to continue with the physical therapy sessions because even though I felt better, I still felt a lingering teeny tiny bit of discomfort from time to time….but I just thought that was normal. Physical therapy is very important and must be taken seriously, I wish I had in this respect, I could have avoided this continuous discomfort. If you have an injury, get it looked at and get the proper help with physical therapists like Luna so that you aren’t having reoccurring issues.


Then I got back into running- mostly at treadmill based bootcamp classes like Barry’s Bootcamp and Sweat Garage, and I felt amazing! The rush of running was back in my veins! But about 2 weeks ago I started to feel a little pain in that pesky leg again. I have laid off the running for now until I can be confident I will experience no pain, because the LAST thing I want is to go through what I went through in November again. NEVER!!

Im not really sure what is going on with my leg now, 5 months after I was “recovered” but I am determined to get to the bottom of it and address the lingering effects seriously.

So my advice to any of you who may be nursing an injury or recovering from one is this:

Take the time you need to recover FULLY. It may feel like a never ending, boring world that you are stuck in, but it will be over soon. It is far better to recover and heal properly for a longer amount of time than to push it too soon. Also, always listen to your healthcare professionals- they have your best interest in mind…and they didn’t go through so much schooling for nothing!

I am currently shooting a movie in LA so my schedule is a bit tight, but I will return to some physical therapy sessions to try to pinpoint the route of the problem and get some professional advice.

Xo Katrina

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