Eyeball It

OK- SO, you’re eating out and trying to stay healthy and not over indulge….which I have to say is often harder than it seems!!  I’ve already talked about my views on portion control…so you know how important I think it is!  Portion sizes at many restaurants are wacko and before you know it, you’ve eaten way more than you wanted to or should have.  Also, when you are eating at home, its easy to go up for seconds without realizing the amount you have is probably already enough.  I think its good to know the basics when it comes to portion control.  If you know the basics, you’ll be able to confidently look at a plate of food and know how much food is there- and how much you should eat.  So how do you do this without driving yourself crazy and completely ruining a night out??  (or a night in)….enter….
::The Eyeball Method::
Im not actually sure if “the eyeball method” is a real thing, but its a thing to me and I’d like to share it with you!
It’s simple: you don’t even have to weigh anything!  (Because who has time for that?!)  Every food item on your plate is a certain size right?  Ok cool, now Im going to tell you how large a portion of the following SHOULD be, using basically only your own hand:
here Protein: 3 oz which is the size of the palm of your hand…or a deck of cards.  4 oz is closer to the size of your whole hand, and a little bigger than a deck of cards.  I don’t typically have a deck of cards with me at all times  {haha} so I stick with the palm sizing method.
Grains and pasta: 1/2 cup or roughly what you can fit into the palm of ONE hand!!  NOT BOTH! Or the front face of your clenched fist.
here Veggies:  Well these are sort of a free for all in my book- go crazy with as much as you want!  As long as they aren’t fried of covered in too much sugary sauces and oils.  Go for steamed (best option) , simple roasted or lightly sauteed veggies and ask for very light oil.  I usually have my veggies or salad take up half the plate- or the size of the palms of BOTH your hands.
ritonavir coronavirus coronavirus Fats: This is your butter, your oil, your full fat salad dressings…From the knuckle to the tip of your thumb is roughly 1 tablespoon.  This is more tricky to figure out- but if you are adding butter to your bread or drizzling olive oil on your greens, you can use this thumb measure as a good way to eyeball the amount you need.  2-3 tablespoons should do the trick for salad dressings- enough to coat the greens lightly.
http://fitkatbykatrinabowden.com/?ka=kaletra-120 Fruits:  Like your grains, fruit servings are about the size of your clenched fist.
Here’s a little visual for you:
Once you get used to using this method it becomes second nature.  You’ll get to know what the appropriate amounts of food are just my glancing down at your plate.  This take the stress away from the eating experience so you can simply enjoy confidently!
XO Katrina

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