Cream Cleansers For More Glowing Skin


Over the past year, I have switched from bar soap cleansers and classic foaming cleansers over to the cream variety….and WOW what a difference it has made for my skin!!  I was hesitant at first because there is something about that foaming sensation that I just love…it just feels like its cleaning my skin better than something that doesn’t get all sudsy.  BUT when my favorite facialist told me that those suds I love so much could be doing more harm than good, I started to listen.



Turns out- to get a cleanser to foam, most companies add sulfates to them, and sulfates are notorious for stripping the skins surface and causing irritation and dryness.  I have normal/dry skin already and have always had to use so much lotion on my face…if only I knew that my cleanser was partly to blame!! Since going off the foams, my skin is softer and clearer and I need to use less product on it every day, which is a total win-win: better skin and I’m wasting less product!



A cream cleanser deep cleans and removes makeup just as well as other cleansers out there- it may take some getting used to but just KNOW that it is still working even if it doesn’t leave you feeling tingly and super “clean” (think tight, clean as a whistle feeling).



Now all of that being said- every ones skin is different.  You may have oily skin and a foaming cleanser may work just fine for you, but if theres a chance a cream cleanser can do everything its foaming counterpart can do and more, its certainly worth a try!

Below are my current favorite cream cleansers-click the photo icons read more about each product!

AB Skincare Cleanser– I am currently using Amanda Blakley Skincare Cream Cleanser and I LOVE it.  Its free of any added scents, allergens or unnecessary “stuff” and it simple, pure goodness!  It is pH balanced and works for all skin types including oily and acne prone skin.



Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser– a drugstore classic that stands up the the higher priced competitors.

Eve Lom Cleansing Balm– a little pricey, but a great cleanser that I always find myself going back to.

Keihl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser– I am a huge fan of this brand and this cleanser is so great.

Murad Renewing Cleansing Cream– this one is so moisturizing and calming- gives you that glowy look.

XO Katrina
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  • Ellen
    June 1, 2016

    Good to hear!

    This may be a bit controversial, but on occasion I just with just water. I actually first heard of it from watching an episode of Mad Men & then I Googled and found out that several people swear by this. Maybe not the best thing for anyone who has to wear heavy makeup (if you’re on a film/tv set, I know the m/u is harder to get off), or in a warm climate. But, if you have dry skin, and you’re in (for instance) a cold New York winter, this can be great for keeping skin from drying out. On the nights I did it, I just used a wet cloth and gently made sure to get the makeup off.

    The cream cleansers you mentioned above sound worth trying – I will seek them out for my (dry, sensitive) skin.

    • Ellen
      June 1, 2016

      typo above – that should have read “on occasion I *wash* with just water.”

    • fitkatadmin
      June 3, 2016

      Interesting! Do you use a makeup remover first or just water? I know some girls who use coconut oil to remove their makeup and clenser their skin, which also sounds pretty interesting- I’m all about finding natural ways to take care of my skin

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