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Tomorrow will mark my 3 year wedding anniversary to the love of my life and my best friend.  Time seriously flies….it feels like it wasn’t long ago when I was busy planning the wedding!


We kept our wedding pretty private from the public eye because we wanted it to be special and just between us…I didn’t give much away about it until after the big day…and still to this day, I haven’t posted many photos…



I’ve been looking through photos recently and remeniscing about the whole experience.  I mean, the wedding day was the best day ever, but beyond that, I spent SO much time planning everything…and looking back I realized that I want to share the experience.





I planned the wedding on my own- Ben helped a little ;-P …but I didn’t hire a planner and my mom didn’t take the reigns.. and I loved every second of it!!  Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, so I def got help from some friends, but I wanted it to be personal and really reflect us as a couple.



I wanted a whimsical garden wedding…so when I planned the look, I stuck with whimsical font styles, colorful flowers and fun elements that just made me happy.  My wedding colors were coral, light pink and white. I quickly discovered that wedding flowers are expensive- like insane.  I wanted pretty arrangements, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that, lets face it, would die within a week anyway.  I went with coral Peonies, MY FAV FLOWER, as the focal point of all our arrangements…with hints of tulips and roses as accents. 




My bouquet was white and light pink and I absolutely died over it.  At our name card table, we had a gorgeous cherry blossom arrangement that had twinkling tea lights hanging from branches- it looked magical.  I also had lots of mercury glass incorporated wherever possible!







For our chuppah (wedding canopy) I opted for ribbons and flowy fabrics instead of flowers.  I wanted that whimsical feel with the mismatched ribbons draped over birch and I am so happy with the choice.




I used a seller on Etsy for most of my paper/printed products like: name cards, table numbers etc.  I highly recommend Etsy for these things and even invitations!  Its a great way to get a good deal and get EXACTLY what you want.

My wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses were all made by Amsale.  I loved my dress so much.  It was so easy to wear and made me feel like incredible.  I splurged on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes- which I have managed to wear again…and whenever I do they make me feel happy.









Our first dance song was the Ryan Adams version of Wonderwall, originally by Oasis.  We had a live band and the song was sung by a woman, which made it sound even more romatic.



We got married at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in New York on May 19, 2013.  It rained on our wedding day- like torrential downpour ALL.DAY.LONG.  (cue Alanis Morriset song) We were supposed to get married outside in the garden, but the rain sort of threw that plan out the window!  We had a backup plan in place and got married, and had the reception in the most stunning glass greenhouse.  ONE good thing about the rain was that we didn’t have to fight with sun glare for all of our photos!  Clouds are better for photos than sunshine is!




You can imagine how I felt when I woke up on May 19th to the sound of rain and the forecast for the day…I wasn’t thrilled… I decided immediately that I wasn’t going to let some measly water falling from the sky get in the way of the best day of my life. magic.. in came a text from one of my bridesmaids, Stephanie, it read: “It is harder to untie a wet knot than a dry knot. Today is going to be incredible, cya soon!”  Seriously…Could she have written a more perfect thing to me?!?!?  Soon all was forgotten and the super fun hair and makeup extravaganza began- I mean isn’t getting ready half the fun?!?




After I quickly got over the rain- the day went perfectly.  I mean there were definitely little things that went wrong- my dad had the longest most rambling speech in history and my mom ended up singing with the live band for half of the night (she’s always the life of the party)- but none of the little bumps in the road were a bother.  I was on cloud 9 and nothing was going to get me down.







The reception was such a party- we all had a blast and danced all night long without a care in the world!

We had a sparkler send off at the end of the night (it FINALLY STOPPED RAINING!!) and our getaway car was an old fashioned NYC Taxi Cab.





Now if you happen to be a bride to be….or just a girl who thinks a lot about a future wedding….I have some tips.

  • Try not to stress about little things when planning- honestly, no one is going to really care what font you choose for your place cards
  • Invite who you want- not who you feel like you need to.  No need to have so and so’s girlfriend of one week in all of your wedding photos
  • Stick to your guns….I didn’t want kids at our wedding and I got some flack from family members across the board but I stuck to my guns… It was our wedding and I didn’t want some screaming child ruining anything
  • On the day, remember to stick close to your partner- its your wedding day and its easy to let guests take up all of your time, but DONT let that happen, you dont want to regret anything later
  • Take moments through the night to really take it all in- the night goes by SO fast and you dont want to miss a thing
  • Test out your hair and makeup people before the big day- these photos last forever!! Make sure you like what they are planning to do!
  • EAT SOMETHING!!!  I know the general thought is: eat less so you look perfect in your dress…but thats a bad idea ladies!! If you don’t eat, next thing you know you’ll be drunk off 2 glasses of champagne- NOT cute!
  • Have fun- its supposed to be the best day of your life, enjoy every second of it and don’t let anything get in the way of that!



  • Don’t skimp on a good photographer and videographer- they are the memory makers and you’ll be so disappointed if you don’t choose someone you trust!
  • Save some money on flowers- honestly, they die in a week…no need to spend a huge chunk of your budget on the most elaborate centerpieces.

If you have any wedding questions or want to know details about any of the brands or companies I used for the big day, email me!  Happy to help a bride or groom to be!



With much love – XO Katrina

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