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In honor of Memorial Day Weekend- the first official kick off of summer getaways, I am sharing my FAV workouts for traveling!  It is often difficult to stick with your normal fitness routine while traveling, but there are ways to fit in a good, satisfying workout without disrupting your fun vacation plans.

Summer is literally poking its head around the corner- its officially vacation season…whether you have big travel plans or just a few weekend getaways to look forward to…I want you to be prepared and excited about staying fit through whatever the season brings your way!  And, if you love them, use them whenever you travel all year!


kaletra crush I swear by these treadmill workouts for whenever I am on vacation or shooting something on location.  They leave me sweaty and feeling energized!

These two workouts below can be done together or separate- I have done it both ways and even if you just choose to do one, its still a killer workout. If you are traveling somewhere where you don’t have access to a treadmill, you can hit the pavement outside and do some sprinting challenges that mirror these workouts.  OR of course, you can go on a hike or simply spend the day on foot exploring, which is often a workout in itself!


I modeled the treadmill workout after the treadmill segments at one of my favorite workout classes:  Barry’s Bootcamp.  If you haven’t tried a Barry’s yet, it’s a must do!! Check out their locations and schedules here!

The second workout I have is a floor workout- which can really be done anywhere so no excuses!!  It’s challenging and fun…and if you can do this one right after the treadmill run, you’ll get a total body workout!  I incorporate a few plyometric moves in this one- to read more about plyo- click here!


My treadmill workout is 20 minutes long, which sounds long I know, but because you are changing the speeds so often, it really goes by so quickly.  I designed it so that its pretty difficult to get bored and I incorporated just enough walking breaks so you never feel like its impossible to complete.  That being said- take extra breaks whenever you feel you really need to, and adjust the speeds to your own personal fitness level.  Screen shot it or print it out and take it with you to the gym!


Katrina’s Bootcamp Treadmill Burn

kaletra makers 3 minute light jog at 5.0-6.0 mph
2 minute run at 7.0- 8.0 mph
go site 30 seconds light jog at 5.0-6.0 mph
lopinavir ritonavir pills 30 seconds sprint at 8.5-11.0 mph (your fastest speed you can handle)
1 minute walking recovery
follow site 1 minute jog at 5.0-6.0 mph
kaletra store 1 minute run at 7.0-8.0 mph
kaletra 60ml 30 seconds sprint at 9.0 mph
1 minute jog at 6.0 mph
30 seconds sprint at 9.5 mph
1 minute jog at 6.0 mph
30 seconds sprint at 10.0 mph
1 minute walking recovery
2 minute light jog at 6.0 mph
2 minute run at 8.0 mph
1 minute light jog at 6.0 mph
1 minute run at 9.0 mph
1 minute recovery


For this floor workout- it is done for time, meaning you should move quickly. Complete one section and immediately move on to the next like you are racing to finish as fast as you can without sacrificing form. If you can do this workout with a friend its even better- nothing like a little healthy competition!!


Katrina’s Floor Burn Bootcamp

50 air squats- get that booty back and down, no half-squats allowed!
40 alternating mountain climbers (40 each side, so left and right is one rep)
30 full burpees- chest must touch the ground and you must jump and clap at the top of each burpee
20 alternating jumping lunges (alternating legs, 20 each leg)
10 jump squats (exploding up from each squat and landing each time back in the low squat position)
1 minute front plank hold
1 minute left side plank hold
1 minute right side plank hold


Enjoy your long weekend, and try to squeeze in a workout or two for me 😉

XO Katrina

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