Face Your Food Weaknesses // Wine And French Fries


Are my weaknesses. I mean, I definitely have more…but its hard for me to turn down a fry or a glass of wine if its there and offered to me…and if I am being totally honest, I’ll probably still steal a fry from your plate even if you don’t offer it! I can easily stay away from ordering the fries when I’m out to eat, but if someone at the table has fries on their plate, forget it..ill probably eat one …or 10.

From my observations, it seems like there two different types of people when it comes to food weaknesses: people who have to actively try to avoid a temptation, and people who effortlessly avoid a temptation. I wish I was the latter, but unfortunately Im way more of an active avoider.
As an active avoider, I had to figure out ways to make food weaknesses easier to deal with. One major reason the effortless avoiders are so successful is that they are able to truly recognize when they are full, and they are OK with that and don’t feel the need to eat more than what satisfies their hunger. Sounds simple right? Its a little harder than it sounds some times.

I make deals with myself before going out- ill have one glass of wine…or ill eat one piece of bread from the table…when I make these decisions ahead of time, its easier for me to stick with the plan.

I also eat slowly and chew deliberately so I can really enjoy what Im eating. When you take more time to eat, you’re brain will register fullness better and you’ll be able to stop when you’ve reached that point. I also drink water often, between most bites. This will aid in digestion and make you feel full faster….and keep you from inhaling everything on the plate.

Another thing I do, is think about if that food or drink will do anything to benefit my body in a healthy way- and most of the time, when dealing with a food weakness, the answer is no, so I pass on it and make a healthier decision that will make me feel good physically and mentally.
Some people do really well with being able to have just one fry, or one bite of dessert and feel satisfied by that. If thats you, go for it! If you’re more like me and one fry can easily turn into “just one more..ok just ONE more” not having any at all can do the trick.


I think if you don’t have as much self control, its good to TRY to practice it until it eventually becomes easier.

AND the most important thing in all of this is that no one is perfect…don’t beat yourself up over it. You may have a few too many glasses of wine or polish off your friends side of fries once in a while and its seriously not the end of the world. Just don’t make a daily habit of it.

Rest assured that one day of indulgence will not derail everything in your life. Just breathe, be ok with it and make your next meal something vey healthy and smart.

Moderation is key. Practice self control little by little and soon your food weaknesses will be something you can enjoy without fighting yourself about.

XO Katrina

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