Should You Be EATING Avocado Seeds?!


We all know avocados are a must-eat…they are nutrition powerhouses filled with vitamins, fiber and healthy fats good for your body, hair, skin and nails…and they make guacamole so DUH of course we love them!  But what about that good old seed in the center?? I, like most humans, toss that thing out and stick with the soft green goodness…but what about that seed?


It caught my eye when I recently read about people EATING the avocado seed instead of simply tossing it in the trash.  First I was like what?!? How could you eat that rock-like thing?? And WHY?!?  But I dug a little deeper and found some interesting facts about that seed that got me thinking…have I been doing the wrong things for like my entire life???


People who believe in eating this seed say that it is filled with EVEN MORE nutritional benefit than the fruit itself and that it should be utilized as a toasted seed or ground into smoothies etc.  It is said that about 70% of the antioxidant benefits of an avocado lie within the seed.  To add to that- it is said to have major anti-inflammatory benefits within the body.  Eating more anti-inflammatory foods is a great health move: it helps with joint health and prevents arthritis, can lower your risk for heart disease and helps with overall cardiac health.  With all of that- its easy to see why people would be swayed to try to eat the whole avocado, especially the seed.


To make it edible, you need to dry out the seed, then carefully chop it into pieces (which is not super easy to do) and either grind it up raw into a powder form, or roast it in the oven to create an avo-seed chip.  I did both of these things… here is what I came up with:

  • Well, first things first- this is definitely one of those weird “health nut” things and not a normal practice, lets get that out of the way first- you know what I mean.
  • Secondly, it hasn’t actually been proven that the seeds do in fact have as much nutritional prowess as some believe it does…so that is one strike against it
  • Thirdly- I tried eating it (for the sake of the blog and all of  you readers) and I have to admit….it tastes pretty damn terrible…bitter, hard and just not good at all.  Even ground up in a smoothie, I tasted it…it made my smoothie bitter and I did not like it.  Ben tried a bit of it in its roasted form when I enticed him with a newfound health food (for the sake of the men out there) and he spit it out and asked why I would trick him into eating that…tehe tehe

Ok so being me, I am sort of fine with holding my nose and choking something back OR finding a way to make something palatable if it does really do the body good and provide a tremendous amount of nutrition…but since the science doesn’t back up the claim YET, I am not chopping at the seed on this one.

I consulted with a nutritionist friend of mine who told me that it certainly doesn’t hurt to eat the seed or add the ground powder to a sauce- it certainly has SOME nutritional value and why not just use it instead of throwing it out?  I get that.  Totally.  If you are up for the process and OK with the taste- why not?

For me though, I may skip this whole seed trend until I know for sure if it does what some say it does.  Science- ball is in your court babe…don’t let us down!


Whatever you decide to do- keep eating avocados- they are incredible for your body inside and out- and their fats will make your skin and hair healthy and beautiful.


XO Katrina



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