Collagen Protein: What It Is And How To Use It

by Collagen protein has been a hot topic lately…I noticed people talking about it around the time bone broth became a huge thing.  I never made a bone broth because, honestly, it just seems like too much effort and was a little off putting when I really thought about it.  So when I heard about collagen protein- an easy supplement to add to your drinks- I was excited to give it a try!

First of all…what is collagen?!

go to link kaletra buy Collagen is a natural, abundant type of protein in our bodies that forms the connective tissues that hold skin, bone, tendons, muscle, and cartilage together. Collagen is the most important part of the way our skin looks and feels because it is the structural component in your skin that provides firmness and smoothness.  The less collagen in your skin, the more sunken in you’ll look and the more wrinkles your skin will develop.  

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generic kaletra buy uk How do we lose collagen in our bodies?  Well, as we age, our natural collagen production decreases, it’s just something that happens that we can’t control… kaletra covid 19 coronavirus but the main culprit for collagen loss is UV ray exposurewhich is yet another reason to always wear your sunscreen!!  Don’t increase your collagen loss!!

Enter the easy to use collagen protein powder!!  It’s easy to add to drinks and supplies your body with extra collagen which has a slew of health and beauty benefits:

  • Stronger nails
  • Stronger, longer, healthier hair
  • Great for your joints (especially for those who do a lot of exercise)
  • Tighten and firm up skin
  • Can improve digestion

When you consume collagen protein in powder form your digestive system breaks down the proteins into amino acids, which are the building blocks within our bodies.  These amino acids are then absorbed and used to support collagen production throughout the body.




Simply put, collagen powders are an easy, effective way to get more collagen in your body, which will lead to healthier, stronger, younger looking skin hair and nails! 

I have been using Collagen Protein for 2 months now, and I have noticed my nails are stronger, my hair is growing almost too fast and my skin looks nice.  I think this is the type of supplement that you have to stick with for a while, and you may not see results immediately.  To be honest, I just started noticing the results, so for me it took a couple of months.  I plan to keep this in my daily diet because I am happy with the results and want to keep my skin looking young naturally!



I have been using Bulletproof Collagen Protein, and I love it.  It is tasteless, it blends well into my morning smoothies and into iced tea, coffee etc.

kaletra copay card One tip I would give is make sure that whatever beverage you mix it into isn’t TOO hot or TOO cold.  For iced tea, I mix it in before adding ice because if the beverage is too cold of too hot, it tends to clump up a bit, which is sort of yucky.  

I ordered a few more brands to try out that I have heard great things about, links to all are below!

XO Katrina

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