ClassPass: Should You Stay Or Should You Go


OK…yesterday I got en email that I did not like…NOT AT ALL.

I have been using ClassPass for almost 2 years now for workout classes- I am a devoted member and I am sort of obsessed with it.  For those who aren’t familiar with ClassPass, it is a membership program for boutique fitness studios.  You pay a monthly membership fee that grants you access to all of the best studios your city has to offer, and you can go to each individual studio up to 3 times in a one month cycle….but other than that rule, the booking options are endless and all the best studios are right at your fingertips with the click of a button.


So back to that email that left me less than thrilled….

ClassPass is raising their monthly membership fees in Southern California by $55 a month, from $120 to $175- that is a very steep jump out of nowhere….New Yorkers went through this last month when CP took their memberships from $125 a month to a whopping $190 ($200 for new members)!!  I totally get the need to expand and make some more money as a company, but usually this is done in a gradual more discreet way…but not with ClassPass.  They just dove right it.

At first I was outraged, as many fellow members were, but then I started thinking more about it…Their rates started at an alluring low $99 a month and I always wondered how they managed to make money this way…but hey I wasn’t complaining!  So if I am truly honest, I am not SO surprised that they are raising prices…it is just how business tends to go as a company gains success.  I read an article that said these price increases will end up being a way to weed out people who aren’t as serious about CP as others, and therefor it will make the users experience a better one.  I like the idea of that, but it doesn’t take away the sting I felt… I mean come on ClassPass…we have been in a committed relationship for two years, I expect more from you!!


I started to think about whether I should stay or go.  Is it worth it?? Should I just scrap it and join a gym?!  Well I LOVE fitness classes and I know myself- if I joined a gym, I wouldn’t get the same intense workouts as I do in the classes I love…I need a coach pushing me to do my best.  I book, on average, 20-25 classes on ClassPass a month.  I know this is a lot, but I really take advantage of it and I love trying new classes.  This means I workout with CP about 5-6 times a week.  I usually take one rest day a week, and one day I will go for a hike or a run instead.  Sometimes, if I am feeling super ambitious I will do a double class …spinning in the morning and pilates in the afternoon (if my schedule allows)! So going 20-25 times a month makes my classes cost about $7-$9 each….that is SO LOW, considering most drop in rates around LA are about $25 a pop!  So I am sticking with ClassPass and I will continue to make the most out of it.

So what should you do?  Well lovelies..first get out your frustration- scream, vent, rant about it, write them an email saying how unfair it is…whatever makes you feel better!  Next, it is time to really do some thinking and a little bit of math.  How often do you really go to a class via CP a week?  How committed are you?  If you want to get in better shape, maybe now is the perfect time to recommit and get your moneys worth out of it!  If your classes are coming in at under $12 a piece through ClassPass, even with the price increase…that is definitely a good deal still…just something to think about!


If you aren’t ready to pay these new steep prices, there are second level prices that allow you 10 classes per month, which would work for someone who runs outdoors often or has a gym membership too and just wants to take a couple classes a week to shake things up.  Or if you are new to working out and want to take your fitness up a notch but you’re not ready to live and breathe fitness…this plan may be right for you.

So I am staying for now…I just hope this is the last of the big price jumps…ClassPass, don’t let me down!

XO Katrina


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