Sexy Shoulders In 4 Minutes!


One of my favorite ways to work my arms is by using light weights and doing high reps.  Contrary to popular belief- lifting heavy weights at lower reps, WON’T make you bulky…BUT doing high reps works a lot of little muscles and you’re lifting them for longer so it really gets a good burn going.  I personally believe you should do both lifting methods to keep your body challenged and guessing.  When you get used to one particular method of training, you risk hitting a plateau and….boredom!  So change it up!  Any method of weight lifting will shape and tone your body.

This workout set is inspired by Barre class arms- most Barre classes do arms series like this.  Choose a light weight that works for you-  I would suggest  2 lb or 3 lb dumbells ( I use 3lbs always, and its challenging).  5 lbs will get very difficult very quickly…but if you want to give it a go- keep a set of lighter weights nearby to swap out if it gets too intense or if you hit failure.


The most challenging part of this short, 4 minute routine is that lactic acid builds up in your arms and you get that burn feeling…it burns so good, but it also kills so bad!


It is super challenging not to drop your arms…but try your hardest…IF you do need to drop, just drop your arms for a moment, shake them out and start again- the clock is still ticking- don’t sell yourself short!!

This workout is just 4 short minutes and 4 moves total.  Each move is done for one minute- I typically turn on a fun song that is a bit longer than 4 minutes and pulse my arms to the beat (this makes it a little easier to get through!)  Set a timer on your phone or keep a close eye on a clock nearby to know when to switch moves.

If you are feeling pretty damn good, try doing it twice through! If you can get through it twice through without dropping your arms, you are a superhero.

Turn on your jams, grab your weights and go!

Move One:

Arms extended, full wingspan, pulse up and down.  Keep your arms straight, but don’t lock your elbows.


Move 2:

Still keep your arms out straight, and keep the pulse going, but move arms forward to touch in front of you, then go back to start.


Move 3:

Bend elbows into a chest press position and push forward, then move back to starting position.


Move 4:

The classic shoulder press!  Arms bent at 90 degrees, then push up overhead and back down to start

sexy shoulders 4

This is my first foray into workout GIFs!  I will be doing more of these, so I promise they will get better each time! This may lead to videos later on…would you like to see videos?  Let me know!!

XO Katrina

9 Responses
  • Amber
    May 4, 2016

    Thank you for this! It looks so simple but it burns! (…and my arms are literally shaking as I’m typing this)

    What weight are you using for these?

    Much love! 😘🤗

    • Amber
      May 4, 2016

      Nevermind.. Just saw the 3’s… Sorry!

    • fitkatadmin
      May 4, 2016

      Ah yay! Love a good burn, and I love that you like this short little workout! I use 3 lb weights, and they get super hard toward the end…what did you use?

      • Amber Raisor
        May 5, 2016

        3’s and I’m not sure if it was sweat, tears or a little of both at the end! I live in LA too… Would you ever consider teaching fitness classes or personal training ?

        • fitkatadmin
          May 18, 2016

          My schedule is a bit too busy to take up personal training…but I would definitely love to guest-instruct a fitness class…maybe thats something I can make happen.

  • Kristin
    May 5, 2016

    Just wanted to say I enjoy your blogs and will definitely be trying this workout 🙂
    Annnd..I think videos would be a great idea!

    • fitkatadmin
      May 18, 2016

      Thanks Kristin! I will def do some videos soon then

  • Min
    June 30, 2016

    I love your blog! I tried the green smoothie recipe and have been doing the shoulder workout for 2 weeks now and I can already see more definition. Please post some workout videos/gifs that would be amazing! Thanks for all of the awesome tips and recipes!!

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