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So as you know, Ben, Puffin and I just made a big move across country: we packed up everything we owned and had it shipped in a truck to meet us at our new house in Los Angeles. The truck move took about 9 days total (which was quicker than their 14 day estimate!). We used this company and had a great experience, so if you are making a cross country move, I totes recommend giving them a try! Many of our friends have used them too and they came highly recommended- which is how I like to do things- word of mouth and testimonials from trusted sources are always the way to go in my book!

lopinavir coronavirus buy To be honest it still feels like just yesterday that we were looking at some of the amazing real estate websites like Auction.com trying to find the home of our dreams and now everything is finally starting to fall into place. One of my old colleagues has recently moved house so he gave us plenty of tips to help us find our new property. He lives in Texas now and he told me that, quite often, completing a foreclosure search can help you to find properties that you might not be able to find anywhere else at an affordable price. When you are house-hunting it is important to keep an open mind and check out as many different real estate opportunities as you can after all and foreclosed homes are well worth a look! I am so happy with the property we decided on now but it was not always easy.

Anyway, that being said, since our stuff arrived in LA before we were able to move in, it sat in its trusty truck in a warehouse somewhere downtown just waiting for us. All my bags, shoes and extra workout clothes…just sitting there all lonely…waiting to start their new life in sunny Cali…sigh…

is kaletra available in south africa FKtidy3

WELL beautiful babes, we were in for a BIG surprise on moving day when the items from our 1000 sq ft NYC apartment were plopped down in our 2,600 sq ft house in LA…..you probably think I’m going to say that we barely had anything…how did we live with so little…wow this unpacking will be a total breeze!

kaletra copay card WRONG

lopinavir brand name in india SO SO SO WRONG! When I saw how much we had, I thought “**GASP**, how did we fit all of this into that apartment?!?!” I seriously became a master of “closet Tetris”…and that is not really a good thing.

My hoarding habits certainly made packing everything into boxes a challenge to say the least! Nonetheless, we made sure to get plenty of crates ahead of our move as we did not want to leave anything behind. Some friends of ours told us that moving house packaging accessories are available from teacrate.co.uk across the UK with next day delivery so we did some research of our own and managed to find some fantastic crates to keep all of our belongings safe while in transit.

OK first things first: there are basically two ways to pack for a move:

  1. Clear things out for throw away and donation as you pack up
  2. Pack it all up and decide what to discard and donate as you unpack in the new place

We had planned to use option 1 and clean out as we packed…but because of busy schedules and my trips to LA to take care of things with work and with making sure everything with the house was good to go, that sort of fell apart and we ended up packing it ALL in order to organize and sort it all out once we moved in. The only thing that was relatively ready to go was the vehicle that was about to embark on a journey from NYC to Cali via a car moving company such as these at CarsRelo as an example.


In hindsight, I wish we had stuck to our guns and just sorted it all in NYC…but we didn’t, and these last two weeks have been sort of annoying. After two weeks all the boxes are gone, I have sorted some things for garbage and donation and [[most]] things have a home. I just need to invest in a tower with drawers to keep everything in our new office neat and tidy. Finding storage solutions that will stand the test of time is definitely going to be a priority for me in our new home! Yet, even though I have been getting the house in order non-stop, I still feel like it is cluttered and there are so many things I don’t know what to do with.

I have a hard time getting rid of things: I place very sentimental feelings into many items we own and that makes it very hard to part ways with it: even if I NEVER use it or often forget it is there.


By nature, I am not a very organized person. I like when things are organized, but I have a very difficult time keeping things in order. When I am getting dressed for a night out the room will typically look like a tornado ripped through it once I am finally dressed and ready to go. I can’t be the only one right?! RIGHT?!?FKtidy2

AND on top of the way I am, Puffin is a master at scattering his 10 thousand squeaky toys ALL OVER THE PLACE. And Ben has unorganized bins upon bins upon bins filled with cables and wires for GOD KNOWS WHAT and so many socks that end up living scattered in odd places. So all together, we aren’t a lean mean organizing machine. Not at all!

http://mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com/?kaletra=lopinavir-buy-uk So I decided to take tidying by the horns and tame the wild beast once and for all.

Enter: The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo


This book was translated from Japanese to English and has taken the world by storm. Marie is a tidying, lifestyle expert. She created the “KonMari Method” of tidying your home and your life- she claims that the results are life-changing once mastered.



I heard about the book about a month ago and decided it was time to bite the bullet and just dive in. I just started reading it, but I already feel inspired to tackle the house and get it in perfect order once and for all. The one problem I may run into is that I have a very hard time parting ways with “things”. Her method is based on discarding things you don’t need and things that don’t bring you joy. This is going to be a cathartic experience for sure, but I think I am ready!


I’ll post my progress once I actually test out the method- wish me luck!

Have any amazing organizing tips? Email them to me! I can always use more tips.

XO Katrina

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