How to Stay Motivated


kaletra copay card Motivation:  it’s something we all have…but also something we all lose at times…some of us may lose it all the time!  I can’t even count how many times I felt SO motivated, SO gung-ho about a workout or other plans the night before said scheduled plans, only to wake up the next morning wanting to do absolutely nothing but stay in bed and burry my head under pillows.  Have you felt this way?  I bet you have.  It makes me wonder: what happens between the evening and the morning that totally deflates motivation?  I have missed many workouts and cancelled plans because of this and I have to say, I NEVER feel good about it.  NEVER.  

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fkmotivation3 I always feel better, more positive and happy when I just get my ass up and get going, even when every bone in my body is screaming at me to just cancel the plans.  

kaletra coronavirus I also think that it is easy to stay motivated when you are seeing a lot of progress and when other things are going well in your life…but I’ve noticed that just one thing going wrong or feeling like your progress is at a standstill is enough to derail motivation completely.



ritonavir buy Lacing up your shoes and getting your ass out the door is the hardest part of working out.  Don’t think twice, just get up and show up- you’ll always be happier for it.


We have complete control over our personal motivation and our happiness- and the two go hand in hand.  There are ENDLESS things we can’t control in life, so it’s important to learn ways to keep control of our happiness and motivation, especially when it seems difficult or impossible.  Here are simple tips for doing this:

  1. Refocus on WHY you wanted to do something in the first place, whether it’s working out or going out with a friend, or maybe something more daunting…99% of the time, you wanted to do something because the idea of it brought you joy.  If you refocus on the WHY, you’re more likely to follow through and regain a little bit of that motivation that is lacking.
  2. Bring a friend.  If you plan to do a workout or another task with a friend, you’ll feel a sense of responsibility to them.  No one likes to be cancelled on, so if you make a plan with a friend, think about their feelings, not just your own and you’ll be more likely to get your ass up and out the door.
  3. If it’s a workout or a run you don’t want to do anymore…just lace up those damn shoes and walk out the door. Seriously, that is the hardest part of working out.  Once I get out the door and on my way, I tell myself this:  Just do it for 5 minutes, if you still don’t want to do it after that, OK.  BUT I always end up feeling good and I never stop after these 5 test minutes.
  4. Think about how you will feel later if you do cancel the plans.  Will you feel good?  Happy?  Productive?  Nope, nope andddddd nope.  Think ahead to help motivate you for right now.
  5. Turn on some motivation music.  This will be different for everyone, but what amps you up and makes you feel like a bad ass?  What makes you want to dance around the house singing at the tops of your lungs?  Go with that.  Crank it up.  This always works for me, and usually its a Beyonce song…or Third Eye Blind…anything that brings up feelings or happy memories works perfectly.





Stay Motivated ::: Stay Happy

XO Katrina


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