Cute Sunnies That Don’t Break The Bank


Sunglasses- they are always something you need!  And they are a great way to instantly add a little something to your look…they can add a cool factor to any outfit.  You can look instantly chic and pulled together with a good pair of sunglasses- who doesn’t love that?! Especially those days when you’re too rushed to put on makeup before leaving the house!



I have a lot of favorite sunglasses, and I like to change them up a lot depending on what look I am going for…BUT I don’t like the hefty price tag that comes with a lot of high end pairs.  But luckily, many brands are making super cool on trend sunnies that are super affordable, and look just as good as their high end counterparts!  I rounded up my favorite pairs for this spring- ALL UNDER $80!!  I LOVE a good deal!  The ones I am wearing in these photos I got at Topshop for $30!  More below- click your favs for all the deets!


So now you can get a couple pairs 😉 Happy Shopping!

XO Katrina


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    May 25, 2016

    We all know that top high-end designer frames with quality materials cost money, a lot. Unfortunately, biggest difference in retail prices between cheap sunnies vs. designer sunglasses comes from the brand name. Cost of design, materials and top craftsmanship is a very small factor in designer frame price.

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